I know I have been kind of slack in posting blogs this week but things have been keeping me busy with Olivia. She for the past several days starting Monday night has been having diarrhea and thought it was a stomach bug. Then we realized that this was an allergic reaction to something that she must have eaten or drank so we started investigating what it might have been. I then started looking at what was in the lemonade she was drinking and low and behold it had soy in it. What was soy doing in lemonade? Who knows but this was the culprit of the problem. Well she seems to be doing better now just need to get the soy out of her system. She is now getting better thank goodness. Only last night she did get sick during the night and we had to give her a bath this morning before leaving for the day.

Last night Terry did have to work from Midnight to 7am so he’s a little tired today but we’re still planning on going to Smithfield’s Outlets this afternoon. Yes! Now I get to hopefully get new shoes. We’re going to first go to the Nike Outlet and see what they have there. I might also get a pair of workout pants and a new sports bra too. We’ll see about that though. Terry did tell me that last night he was going to order the Bare Mineral Makeup for me but wanted to wait until the next paycheck. Fine by me. He said he could see me using that more often than I wear the other makeup. Plus I do and give so much for the family and not for me. So it’ll be nice to get that when I do.

Yesterday I made a placement and I’m so excited about it too. I had only been working with this lady since the beginning of the month and so I was really working hard for her but she is the one that made it this far. I just coached her through and geve her little pep talks to help her through the process. So now that makes it to where I have 2 placements for the month and the next thing is to get my other candidate placed as well. I turned in her other reference today and will be giving the client a call tomorrow afternoon to see what the next step is going to be.

Another good thing is that we should be getting an Ikea I think in Raleigh, NC. Thank God! I love Ikea and it has much better quality things then Target or Walmart and will last a good long time. We still have things at my parents house that came from Ikea when we were children. So this is going to be awesome when it does come. Ok I better get back to work..have a good day everyone!

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