This weekend wasn’t too much activity going on. Lets see, Friday night, Olivia and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things like Puff Paint and some socks. Then it was over to the mall to get Terry’s CD he wanted from Best Buy, an Old Metallica CD, and then we went looking for tennis shoes because Terry told me I could purchase some. Yes! But good Old Rocky Mount didn’t have any that I was looking for because it wasn’t Ghetto Shoes!!! Yeah I’m sure you all know what those kinds of shoes are if you have ever been to the Golden East Crossings Mall. Anyways, then Olivia and I went on back to the house and she went down for the evening and then I went to working on making Olivia’s non-skid socks with the puffy paint. They turned out pretty nice too.

Saturday I went to Raleigh with Tonya and Olivia and we went to several thrift stores and then on over to Dicks Sporting Goods and Babies R Us on Capital Blvd. Oh and we ate at Fuddruckers too! Yummy!!! Although I didn’t find any shoes at Dick’s I found lots of other cool things at the Thrift Stores! For one found Lots of Books and an organization Bins for Olivia’s toys in her room. I’m now going to keep an eye out for bookshelves for the house because we need one it looks like. Saturday night we stopped by Starbucks and got us something to keep us warm for the drive home. Yesterday we got up and went on over to Tarboro and ate lunch. I also took several of the Glucose Meter’s to Justin to see which one he wanted as a back up. He chose the FreeStyle Flash one which he is going to like if he ever needs to use it. I am now waiting on my Accu-Chek Aviva to come in the mail. I should be receiving it this week sometime. Shelley said that I’m going to enjoy that one better than the one I’m using now which is very confusing in using. Can’t wait to get it and begin using it.

This morning turned out to be an interesting morning. I was making my lunch to take to work and I cut my finger open. Yes, it could probably use a couple stitches but I am very adament in going because I don’t enjoy going to Nash General Hospital’s ER because their plain stupid there and will wait for several hours before you will even been seen in triage. I’m not going through that at all! I am also going to check into seeing how much it will cost me in seeing my doctor in getting checked out for diabetes. I think that I have no other choice now because for the past week my blood sugar in the morning has been high and there has been some highs in the 130’s about 3 hours after I eat which Shelley has told me is not good at all. This week we are going to Smithfield, NC to the Nike outlet. I better get back to work.

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