This weekend flew by so quickly! Friday evening we took Livy to Dairy Queen to get some Ice Cream for her accomplishments she’s had with her potty training. She got a small cup of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and I had a small cup of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate fudge on it. Yummy!! Well then we went on home and tucked Livy into bed and Terry and I sat down to watch the movie ‘RV’ which I highly recommend to all of you who love Robin Williams. We laughed through the whole movie and Terry still gets a kick out of the Star Wars Horn on the bus. It’s too funny!!!

Saturday Livy and I got up and went to see the Upward games which were going on at Rock Creek Baptist. Before we left though I did check my blood sugar because my gut instinct told me something was going on. Well I went ahed and checked it and it was 126. But it looks like now I’m going to have to go get looked at by a doctor to figure out what’s going on. ugh! I hate doctors. If I can figure out how to get around going to one I will but it looks like I’m going to have to wait for now. Plus with no health insurance it’s gonna be even harder. So we’ll see. I guess my first goal is to get some health insurance and go from there. Anyways, Sunday’s reading was much better at 81 and then today it was back up to 110. Well let me get to work. This coming up weekend I’m going to have my hair hopefully highlighted. Need to make me look pretty instead of frumpy (I don’t look like this but it sounded good.)

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