Yesterday was a busy day for us. It first started out slow with waking up late and just hanging around the house. Then my good friend Tonya IM’d me and wanted to find out how to get a library card. I told her it was easy and to see if she wanted to go to there and then out for a little bit. Well I got dressed, got Livy dressed, put Zeus back in his cage and then went on over to her house which is like 5 mins from my house. Afterwards we went on to the library in Rocky Mount. It wasn’t too busy like usual but I didn’t have my single stroller with me only the double jogging one so I went ahead and used that. Never again will we be doing that one, it barely fit into the doors in the front and then it would get caught on different books while going down the book isles. How annoying!!! Well Livy picked out several good books and then I picked out a couple good ones. I can’t wait to start reading one tonight. I might even take a relaxing bath and read one. Afterwards we went to Sonic and ate lunch there and then went on over to the Goodwill store. We found lots of cool things there and so now I can’t wait to start using some of them. Livy got several books so now I just need to purchase a bookshelf to place all of her books on them and keep them organized. I might also have to purchase one for my books too. I have plenty and love books so I’ll most definately be bringing most of mine from moms house to my house once I get one. We also went on over to walmart and picked up a few things we needed.

Afterwards, we went on over to Tonya’s house and let Max (her yorkie) and Livy play outback while we just chilled out. Livy and I also jumped on her trampoline and played popcorn. A neat game we used to play as children and now get to play with our children the same. When we left Tonya’s house we went on to mom and dad’s to see them and Livy crashed on my parents couch, she was exhausted! Then I ordered the pizza, picked it up and drove home to see my hubby.

This morning again we woke up late and it was nice to sleep in again since during the week we normally don’t get to do this. I made breakfast this morning of biscuits and I had coffee and Livy had juice. We then again got dressed and went to Tarboro for the day. We had a nice lunch too of Steak, baked potato and salad. Afterwards Livy and I went for a jog/walk in the neighborhood with the jogging stroller for the 20 minutes I had put on the iPod to do and then I went to walmart again. I knew yesterday after I had gotten home what I forgot to get so I got the gel inserts for my shoes to make them last longer until I get paid. Well I am now sitting at home eating a Mango Sorbet and it’s so tasty! I definately suggest you getting the new Delmonte Fruit Chillers from the store. Their excellent!! Tonight Terry and I will be watching “Ice Age 2: The Melt Down” and then returning the video to Netflix for another movie to come. Then tomorrow starts a whole new week!

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