Happy New Year Everyone! It’s officially 2007!!!! Tomorrow I’ll kick off my new diet plan with no junk food (or cut back on it), eating healthier and exercising more (now that I have the Nike+ Kit.) I’ll also be modifying my shoes to fit my sensor and might go for a quick jog tomorrow before Terry leaves for work and Livy can be in the house with him. 🙂 Oh wait…I’m going to Target tomorrow so it’ll have to wait until Wednesday for me to go for a quick jog.

Today Terry and I got up pretty early for us and we went to Raleigh. We only went to the Best Buy on Capital Blvd and to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Then we went on to Fuddruckers (complete surprise for me) for lunch and it was so good. On the way there Livy watched Cars and on the way back. Once we got back into town we went to Lowes Food for some quick nessentials and then back home. Once again Livy got to take a bath in my tub and is getting ready for bed. She never did take a nap today and so she’s extra tired tonight. We’re going to have her in bed by 6:45pm so that she can get a good nights sleep. After she’s in bed, I’m going to take a nice, long, much needed bath and read some of my book. I want to finish this one up so that I can begin on a new one I got for Christmas. I can’t wait either! I love to read!!! So it’s only 6:30 pm and it feels like it should be later. So I’m gonna get off here and go look for some new shoes online (I always find some nice ones on Clearance, my favorites) and maybe order me some. We’ll see what I get too! Happy New year everyone!

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