*Note…this was intended to be posted yesterday but blogger wasn’t working correctly last night so I’m posting it tonight:) *

Well I’m so glad today is just about done. We’ve had a very busy day and a good day. This morning before Terry got home, I took a shower, and did my hair and makeup and then started to make breakfast for him. Then I went in and got Livy up and changed her and we went out together to see what Santa brought her. She was a good girl for a 2 year old and so I know she was excited. She did go to bed at 7:30pm last night so around 9 pm I went ahead and put the Santa things under the Tree. She was so overly joyed to see what she got. She loves unwrapping presents and she was so funny. I only wish that my camcorder battery didn’t die. I guess I’ll have to go get another one because this one is almost 5 years old and it’s just about time. Well I hope everyone got what they asked for..I know that I did:)

Well Santa brought Livy a Nice Stuffed Reindeer, Candyland, A Ballerina Barbie and an umbrella. She got lots of clothes from mommy and daddy and a Snuggle Bean Cabbage Patch Kid. She also got Chutes and Ladders, some books and lots of goodies in her stocking. I got Terry the season 2 DVD Set of NCIS, Spiderman 2 and a few other things. I got from Terry & Livy, some items from Old Navy, Undies from Victoria Secret, A book: Star Craving Mad by Elise Miller and a New game for my Gameboy Advance.

After we got done opening gifts I went over to my parents house to start opening gifts. It took several hours to do so because as soon as we were almost done my Aunt and Uncle came over. Well Livy got several nice clothing from The Children’s Place (one of our fave stores), Several books, Spill the Beans Game, A Newborn Cabbage Patch Kid, A Sing A Long Microphone (thanks Aunt Liz) and a few other things. I got exactly what I wanted!!! I got some money from my parents, Aunt Jeanie & Uncle Jeff and from my Grandparents (Thank you All!), Natalie Grant: Awaken CD, a very nice watch, a very nice charm for my necklace, and best of all….an iPOD NANO 4GB Blue in color!!!! Just what I wanted!!! Terry also got several nice things included a 3 month subscription to Netflix from my parents (Thank You!!!) Afterwards we had about an hour to rest and then it was time for dinner. Ham, Greenbean Cassarole, smashed potatos with the skin, and rolls. Well I better be going to put Livy to bed…she’s exhaused and her movie is almost over! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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