Christmas is almost here and funny it doesn’t really seem like it should be here already. Today it was 73 degrees outside with the occassional afternoon shower. But in Denver, CO they were having a Blizzard! Now if only we could have just a little bit of that snow for a picture perfect white Christmas but we all know that will never happen.

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call while in Target from my sister who was calling me with some terrible news. My grandfather who is almost 89 years old was taken to the local hospital for some heart problems and then was transferred to Wake Med which has the #1 Heart Doctors in the State. Well I did find out tonight that he did suffer from a heart attack just before the EMT’s got to his house and he might have had another small one while at Nash General. So please keep my grandfather in your thoughts and prayers. He is scheduled to have an Angioplasty on Tuesday, December 26th and will not be home for Christmas. We are just glad that we are able to have him around is all!!! He’s a little depressed but that’s also expected to happen to someone who’s had a heart attack.

Today we went and finished up our last minute Christmas shopping and thank goodness its all done. We didn’t spend as much as we thought either. Well once we came home we checked the mail and because I belong to BzzAgent they sent me a Novel that I read a couple chapters online of it but I really enjoyed what I read. I have already started the book and I can’t wait until I get farther into the book too. This evening we went over to my in-laws in Tarboro and took them out to dinner. Then we went on back to their house to open our Christmas gifts. Lets see, Terry got a Shotgun (don’t ask) and a nice expensive pair of John Deere PJ bottoms. Livy got a 8″ DVD Player for the van and some books. I got a Sleepshirt from Victoria Secret, several shirts, a new Straightner for my hair that I can use on dripping wet hair, and several other things. I can’t wait till I can try that straightner because I was saying the other day it was time for a new one. Well I am exhausted from shopping and opening gifts and driving that I’m going to go to bed. Tomorrow night Santa comes and Livy and I are going to be making Chocolate Chip Cookies! We can’t wait either!!! We love making them…plus their extra presents for a couple family members who shall remain nameless at this point in the game. Good Night ya’ll and Merry Early Christmas!!

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