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Well today is Friday and it’s only a few more days until Christmas!! We still don’t know if Terry is off on Christmas Eve or not so until we do find out we have to plan around that. If he is off Sunday then we’ll go over to his parents that morning and stay for lunch and dinner and open gifts with the other family. If he isn’t off then Livy and I will probably still go over that day and still be able to open gifts or we’ll wait until theres another day that Terry’s off to do it. And with our little family we’ll open our presents we got for each other and Livy that morning when Terry gets home from work. It’ll be fun though! I just wish some people weren’t so selfish and saying one thing that we all know isn’t true. Like the Sgt Major told the Sgt that Terry told him he would work Christmas Day for him so that he would have both days off. Terry did not tell him this but the Sgt can’t tell the Sgt Major he’s incorrect about this and he has to work. I mean I’m still pretty hot over this! Can you tell?

Well today I was supposed to go meet Robin for lunch but she cancelled on me. So I will be going into town alone I guess. I am meeting Angela my old Director for Mary Kay to sell her several things that I will obviously not be using anymore. I need to get them out of my house!! Thank you Angela for purchasing these items. Well I have some extra things to get for Christmas and will be getting some today and some tomorrow. Tonight for dinner is going to be Sloppy Joes. Mmmm…Tasty!!! Last night for dinner we went out to LoneStar in Rocky Mount and had an excellent dinner.

I’m thinking that tomorrow I’m going to be doing a few things around the house, baking cookies, chocolate chip cookies in fact and making some peppermint bark for Christmas gifts. I can’t wait either. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s to everyone!

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