Ok so today starts a new week and it’s Exactly 1 Week before Christmas. It’s hard to believe that it’s right around the corner. Literally!!! Well after Terry got up from sleeping last night he asked me what the problem was and at first I told him I didn’t want to talk about it, but then he did pry it out of me. I told him that it just wasn’t fair that I had to listen to a specific someone and others in the family talk about trying to have another child when they know that I don’t want to hear it!!! It’s no one in my family at all but it’s in his family. I don’t care if they are trying to have another one but I know what will happen. They will have another one and then make sure that their children are the center of attention in the family! Who cares!! I don’t!

Anyways, on my way out the door today since I was running late already Terry did tell me that we might be able to start trying for another one in about 5 years or so. That’s fine with me…by then I think that we both will be more ready for that one. Plus it’ll give us time to pay off most of our debt and still be working where we love the most and maybe trying to build a new home. Just depends on what our future plans are. Well I wish that we could start to have one now but it’s ok if we do wait I think it gives us more time to spend with Livy too. Well I still have lots of shopping to finish up with Christmas right around the corner. We still have to get gifts for my brother, Jim and Shelley and the kids and also to get something for my inlaws. We both know what we want to get them all but we just have to wait for Terry’s Overtime check to come on Friday. Then we can get what we want for each and every one of them.

Today I am planning on walking/running when I get home on the gravel road we live on and then also going to do my crunches too. Terry told me to hold off on doing the crunches today but I need to do it everyday or else if I know me I won’t do them again. Tonight for dinner I think that it will be baked chicken, some small red potatoes and maybe a small salad too! I need to start eating healthier too and that is definately going to start today! No more eating out or at least all of the greasy foods that is!!!

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