You know I have been having a real hard time lately with everyone around me either getting pregnant or talking about trying for a baby. It’s hard on me because I want another little one to add to our family. I know now’s not the time but I’m tired of everyone telling me that it’s going to be impossible to do that with my tubes clamped. Yeah but has anyone heard of a Tubal Reversal? Dr. Berger in Chapel Hill does them and he’s the best doctor in the east coast to have them done!!! I know it might cost a lot to have done but it’s worth it to have at least one more. Terry told me that we’d talk about today but he’s still in bed because he had been on duty since 7pm last night and got home around 4pm today. I don’t mind him working these long days but I would like to spend some time with him if at all possible. But I think that’s too much for me to ask for. I don’t mind people who have been trying for a while now to have one and would be excited for them if they did show up pregnant but I’m talking about one person in particular who keeps saying she’s going to try and to expect another one by Christmas next year. Yeah, if this does happen then I will not be going to the Christmas get together at all. This isn’t fair to me and I might be a little selfish but I’m tired of hearing it come out of her mouth saying that my health is the cause of it and to get over it! The only reason that I had such a terrible pregnancy with Livy was because of my job and what I ate. I plan on being able to work from home and also to at least eat much healthier than I did with my pregnancy with Livy. I have also made it a plan to do 150 crunches a day to help get trimmed down for the summer! So not only will I be walking/running 3 times a week I’ll also being doing the crunches everyday as well!! I don’t want to be a fat pig this year at the beach!!!
This afternoon I went to Walmart while Livy was down for her nap at my in-laws and picked up the few things we needed. I also picked up two more items with my money that my in-laws gave me for Christmas. I have gotten plenty of things so far and I still have about $47 left over! I’ll have to find something else to pick up with that. I can’t believe that Christmas is only a week away!!! It seems like it still should be weeks away. Oh well, Christmas only comes once a year right? So lets Celebrate the Season!!!
I wonder if others have the same thoughts going through their heads that I have. Not only am I dealing with this whole thing about people mentioning their planning on trying for another one but I seem not so happy. In a way I’m not really depressed but I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m just so tired lately and haven’t been feeling myself. I know I need to go see a Dr after the holidays to be checked out to see if I have diabetes but I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. This morning I got up around 9am and I still have weird feelings in my tummy that I can’t explain. It’s almost like I have butterflys in there but from what, or why? I don’t know? Here it is almost 7pm and Livy just came in and told me she’s ready for bed. She’s still not eating much and I hope she’s still not sick. This cold seems to be lingering around with a pretty nasty cough. I continue to give her Mucinex for the drainage and for the cough. Lets pray she’s better by Christmas!!! I hope everyone has a great week.

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