TGIF!!! Today I went and took my final for school and I’m praying that I did good on it. I actually knew most of the things on it so I feel I am going to be fine. The class was definately hard but it was well worth it. I will be taking a semester off or even a year off because I just need a break from school! Well today Livy also went back to daycare and she was feeling much better. Thank goodness too, she was driving both me and Terry up the wall.

Tonight I’m going to go home and just take it easy. Probably clean up a little bit then watch a movie or something. I do know that I need to go to Walmart and get some puppy food for Zeus and then also pick a few other things like pullups and what not for Livy. I might go to Rocky Mount tomorrow instead so that I don’t have to worry about it tonight and having to deal with Livy and I’m just so tired too! I was talking with a friend who has diabetes and I am praying I don’t have Diabetes but I really think I do. Anyways, I better be going to get Livy from daycare and then go home to figure out what I want to do for dinner. I might just decide to go to Rocky Mount tonight and grab something to eat instead. We’ll see though. I might just pick up some chinese food from Lams Garden and go home and eat dinner.

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