Last night was a good night for me. I don’t think Terry and I got in a fight at all! Yes!! That’s a good thing. We did talk about taking a weekend for ourselves maybe even to the North Carolina Mountains to go Skiing/Snowboarding. We hardly every get any time away from home and from work that this would be a great little getaway for us. I can hardly wait!!! Last night I also made Peppermint Bark and it was not too hard to make either. When chopping the chocolate into small fine pieces I just found it was easier to shave the chocolate instead. Then the candy canes that we bought we extra hard so it took so extra effort in chopping it up so we had to improvise with the rolling pin and also with Terry’s Aspiton (he did manage to hit his finger instead of the bag last night.) Well when I took it out of the fridge last night it was very yummy and easy to do. I took a small bag to Livy’s Teacher, Ashley and also to the Director of the Daycare, Ms. Kay and also a little tupperware thing to dad. He’s the test taster for me. I hope he likes it. For dinner tonight it’s going to be Personal Pizza’s and maybe some fruit. We also might make Jello Jigglers since we bought the little cutters to make them. 🙂 This will be fun!!!

As promised here are some of the pictures from Friday night! Enjoy!!


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Beauty & The Beast

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