Friday night was Awesome! We had a great time and I was very surprised at how well my 2 year old behaved at the show. Normally she would be running around everywhere but the only time that she even moved was when we were passing her around to sit on each other’s laps. Before the show we went to the Cracker Barrel in Rocky Mount and ate dinner. Well that’s a whole other story on what happened there! But we did have 8 people in our party and so I’m sure the waiter got very confused, although we did have one none english speaking then 3 other waiters for our table. So annoying!

We got there just as the show was starting and while there at the show I purchased a SnoCone that was in a Souviner Flounder Cup and also purchased her a Disney Princess Coloring Book. She didn’t feel well either but oh well, we all had a blast! Next year we will definately be going back!!! Shelley and I also discussed about taking her to the Circus in Febuary and I think that will be fun too. We need to get together in deciding what day we want to go and what time! I can’t wait either!!!

Saturday we went to Terry’s parents house for the family get together they do. We all had a good time and I’m for sure that my blood sugar level was high after all that I had eaten. I can’t wait until I get my new meter in the mail!!! I’ll need to keep a check on it from now on. I have noticed though that I am very thirsty and I have some muscle twitching and my eyes have been going out of focus more now (all signs of diabetes). Livy got several nice things for christmas and I’m sure she will be playing with the Choo-Choo Train and Truck a lot. She loves these things. I am still conteplating on what I want for Christmas from Terry. I have to decide soon though! We’ll see what I decide!! Sunday we went to the Tarboro Christmas Parade and Had a great time! I love going to these and I couldn’t wait for it. It had been years since I had been to one and so I’m glad that I got to go to one.

Last night Terry and I went Grocery Shopping and of course came out with less things than had planned. I am planning on making Peppermint Bark as a trial run to make sure that it will work for when it’s time to make it for the couple of presents I have planned on giving. Well tonight for dinner will be hamburgers, maybe some potatoes or some type of veggie. I’ll try to post the pictures later today when I have time to!

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