Tonight is the night that I’m taking Livy to see Disney Princess on Ice at the RBC Center in Raleigh. We are meeting Shelley and the gang at Cracker Barrel to eat dinner around 5:00pm in Rocky Mount and then from there go on to Raleigh. I’m so excited. I’m hoping this will make Livy feel better. I’ll try to take some pictures tonight if I can bring in my camera which I’m going to put in my purse.

Yesterday Morning when Livy woke up she was telling us that her mouth hurt but she was pointing to her throat. She sounded awful but was still being her normal mischevious self so I didn’t think anything of it. I gave her something soothing to drink and then sent her on off to daycare. When I picked her up later that evening she felt a little warm and still sounded awful. She also got in trouble at daycare and had to go into “Time-Out” because she was standing on the chair after being told not to she still went on and did it anyways. Well at 6pm when I went and met with Melissa at Bojangles for dinner she told us that she wanted to go to bed. This is coming from a child who hasn’t gone to bed or refused to go to bed after 11pm each night this week. I was excited about that but we didn’t want her to sleep too much. She barely touched her dinner last night, but the only thing we could get her to nibble on was some cheese-it’s. Melissa and I swapped Christmas gifts as well and we gave her a nice gift from Bath & Body Works and she gave Livy a Nice Pink Jacket, A pair of Jeans and A nice Pink Sweater and as for me I got a nice Tranquility Fountain with two tealight candles. I Love It! Thank you Melissa! I have it sitting right next to me at work and I might even go to walmart one day this weekend and purchase a couple scented ones to use in them too. Well last night after puttin Livy to bed she got up several times during the night with a very nasty cough. I gave her some Children’s Muccinex and some motrin and sent her on off to daycare today. Maybe she’s already feeling better. Well I better go for now..have to finish up work and then it’s off to Rocky Mount for dinner and then to see her Princess’. Have a great evening ya’ll!

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