Last night Livy and I decided to make homemade cookies. We were going to wait and purchase them in the roll last night while at the store but then we decided not to and to just go home and make them. Plus my pampered chef order came to the house and well that got me in the mood to start cooking them. I had gotten several nice things that I have been wanting and needing so it all worked out for me. I mean with the items I got for free and then with the host discount off I got well over $200 for just $60. I love my new products and can’t wait to use them all. Last night we used the classic batter bowl, small mix n’ scraper and the cooling rack. I am so pleased with everything so far. As for the cookie recipe, I’ll post it in the bottom half of the post today. Well last night livy didn’t want to go to bed. She thought it would be fun to keep mommy up and then wanted to show her tail to her daddy. Boy was she in for it. We have been very lenient in us not spanking or disciplining her but that all changed last night when it was the only way for her to listen to us. I tried to do the whole SuperNanny trick and going on the naughty chair or naughty rug just for her to sit and stop acting up but that didn’t work. I also tried getting to her level where we were eye to eye and talk very stern but gentle and all I got was a slap in the face from her so there I was spanking our child with no diaper on this time. I think this is going to be hard on us both because Terry and I didn’t want to have to resort to this method instead.

Today Terry is taking my van to Cox Dodge to have it looked at. My power door locks are refusing to work and I had my brother and his friend who are both mechanics take a look at my van to see what was wrong with it. We all thought it was the fuse but it’s not that’s still good, so now its back to square one with What’s Wrong with The van? We are not too happy with the van and if we have to pay an arm and a leg for it to have fixed then we don’t know what we are going to do. This is not our fault that the van is breaking and so we are just a little irritated at Crysler/Dodge because we have had nothing but problems with this van! I love dodge and all because my husbands truck is one and so is mom’s but this van has something majorly wrong with it. Anyways, I am meeting Melissa for dinner tonight and then we are going to exchange Christmas gifts already. This is the only real time we both have to see each other before things get too crazy and hectic for us both. I’ll have to post another blog this afternoon with the recipe for the cookies or maybe tomorrow. but their so simple to do!

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