Yesterday was a day filled with a cranky 2 year old who didn’t want to take a nap and was sick. I also decided to take Zeus and Livy to Petsmart in Rocky Mount. I have now realized that that was a definate adventure for sure. See I have been having these episodes to where my blood sugar drops very rapidly and well I feel very shakey, weak, and start sweating profusely and have been getting them at least 2-3 times a day. Well I had Livy in the cart and had Zeus on his leash gripped tightly and thats when my blood sugar decided it wanted to drop. So I’m trying to find something in my purse that has sugar in it and come up empty handed. This could not be happening, What do I have in my van that has sugar in it? Nothing! So now I am trying to figure out what to do because I feel awful and I’m trying to keep Livy from standing up in the cart while I’m trying to stand still with Zeus pulling the leash to try to get to a female dog. Anyways, I go and exchange the collar that I had purchased a couple months ago for Zeus for a smaller one but these that I have gotten has a normal collar neck on it and then has a choker chain too. My parents have used these with Jake and Hershey so I know they work very well. Plus if he continues to grow we can loosen it out too without having to purchase a new one. Also we purchased him a new large tennis ball and also a nylabone to chew on while he’s outside on the lead.

Afterwards we go home and I have to fix lunch because my sugar was still a little rocky. After lunch I try to allow Livy to take her nap but that was a joke. She didn’t feel like taking one because she wanted to go outside and play baseball and ride her bike. I gave in because I didn’t feel like listening to her cry and scream and didn’t want to upset her anymore than she already was. So I went outside where Zeus was and pulled out her Dora Trike and her baseball set. She played hard and I let her wear herself out and then put her down for her nap which she still was fighting but she wasn’t kicking and screaming this time. Then I went back outside and played with Zeus and I have realized that he loves playing fetch and also loves to have his belly rubbed. This is the first time that he hasn’t jumped all over me and that he is being a very good dog. Maybe this is what he needed the entire time and that was exercise and freedom outside of his pen. Today he’s outside on the lead again and having a good time. I even played fetch with him too.

Last night was a joke because I had my show come on and had to record it because Livy would not allow me to watch it. She refused for me to even let me finish my homework and turn it in. She obviously didn’t feel well and she wanted to love on mommy. I understand that she didn’t feel well but I too needed to do a few things. I did however manage yesterday to wrap just about every christmas present that we had except for a few in which Santa was going to leave for her. It’s going to be nice to play Santa this year and for her to really understand that santa is real. Heck, we still have to believe in Santa in order to get good presents at my parents house. I’m not going to complain at all. Last night for dinner Livy had some chicken nuggets baked on my Small Bar Pan from Pampered Chef and I had a Roast Beef Sub from Subway that my husband brought home from work for me. This morning I woke up not feeling the best in the world but was going to go into work anyways. Until I went in to wake up Livy and noticed she felt very warm. She was running a fever of a 99.0 degrees and by the time Terry left to go meet the D.A. in Halifax she was running a fever of 100.9 degrees with Motrin in her. I don’t know if she has the stomach bug that’s going around but all I know is she definately has something. Her tummy has been hurting and well she has been having terrible bowl movements and this morning she had diarhea.

I’m trying to work from home and I am allowing her to watch PBS today because she really does feel bad. She doesn’t even feel like coloring and so I know that she is sick. I’m sitting here at the Dining Room table watching Zeus out the window and boy he’s so funny. He’s out there laying down and trying to figure out where his bone went. It’s funny how much he is growing and looking more like a German Shepherd day after day. Now if his ears would just stick up like most and he’d be gorgeous. Let me go find out why some Helicopters are flying around the neighborhood. Maybe they’ll bust the house down the street!

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