Thanksgiving Day was filled with lots of fun. I got up early and went ahead and fixed breakfast. We had Pancakes, and bacon and Terry had some scrambled eggs too. It was delicious then afterwards we all sat down long enough to watch the “Macy’s Day Parade” on channel NBC 17. Ever since I can remember it’s been a tradition for us all to sit down and watch this as a family. Afterwards, we got up and got ready for the day. We then went on over to my parents house for an early dinner/late lunch and had loads of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Yams, Green Bean Casserole, stuffing and Cranberry sauce. It was very good. For dessert we had pumpkin pie and I left my black forest cake over there too. After eating there we let our food settle because I knew I had to go on over to my inlaws to eat steak there. We had steak, a salad, a baked potato there. Very good. Afterwards we got our tree and then it was back home we go to go to bed. Only problem is I was too excited about shopping Friday morning that I never did go to bed until around 3 am.

This morning we got up around 7 am and got dressed and went on to town. We made our first stop at Lifeway and then headed on over Walmart. I wanted to see if we could get all that we needed there and also get the doll I was hoping to get for Livy. Luckily we did get the last one and so she will be getting that from mommy and daddy. We then went to Target and then back on over to Old Navy. Tonight we went to the Mall and went to best buy. We did purchase a 2 GB SD card for the camera and now have plenty of room for all of our pictures. Plus it was for a cheap price we couldn’t pass up! Well it’s late and I’m still sleepy. I’m off to bed. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!

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