Yesterday was the perfect day to stay in bed and snuggle with the one you love. Yeah Right like that will ever happen! It started off a little behind for me but that’s ok. I got in 2 cups of coffee and was out the door with Livy trailing slowly behind me. She wanted to go back to bed, but I told her that she had to stay awake long enough for me to get her into her seat. She did get to eat a banana on the way to daycare like she had asked for. I on the other hand waited to eat anything. I knew it was going to be a slow week but this is crazy. Almost all of the corporate recruiters for the clients we represent have taken off work and so we did almost little of nothing yesterday. I am expecting the same for today too! Although I do have a candidate on an interview today and one on Friday. So that’s a start right? Last night after we got home I fixed dinner which was homemade chicken soup and had a grilled cheese sandwich. Perfect for this cold weather. I can’t wait until we actual get some snow:) That’ll be fun!!

This morning we all were up early and had some cereal too. Livy decided that she didn’t want her cereal anymore and after me telling her to sit down several times she dumped her bowl of cereal over telling me “mommy I don’t want this no more.” Great, so there I am still in my pj’s having a 2 year old tell me what she doesn’t want to do and to make matters worse there’s milk dripping from the dining room table onto the carpet. I know, I should have protected it but see I’m still waiting to get my kitchen table from my parents so I need to tell them why I need one now and not later. After breakfast I went back into the bedroom to start reading a new book that came in the mail yesterday. I received the book “Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz and I can not wait to begin to read it. Well I never did get to start reading it because I found a really good movie on TCM and wanted to watch it instead. I’ll start the book tonight instead of watching NCIS but I will record it for Terry. Tonight is going to be leftovers and I might even make some chicken salad to make sandwiches with. That’s still up in the air I guess. I do need to go to the store to pick up more juice for Livy and to pick up a couple extra things. Tonight I think I’m going to make my Baked Apple Wontons for dessert and save the rest for maybe breakfast in the morning. 🙂 I’ll have to post a link on here of how to make them. 🙂 Their pretty healthy too for us. Well I better get back to work.

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