Today has been a day that’s for sure. On our way out the door this morning the Fridge decided to make a pretty loud racket. It sounded like a bomb was in the middle of the Fridge ready to explode at any minute. I had to call Terry to find out what it was doing and at that point see what to do next. He was at work and well he couldn’t leave for work but he did call his dad to see what to do. His dad said that after lunch he would come over and take a look at it. Well we went on to Tarboro and ate lunch which was homemade soup and piminto cheese sandwiches. Mmm..Perfect for the cool weather we had today. Then I left their house to go to the mall to get a free sample of Victoria Secrets Angels Desire Purfume and then went to Food Lion to grab a few things for dinner and some All Free laundry detergent. Afterwards we came back home and Livy was already asleep for her nap and so I just layed her down in my bed instead of hers. I really didn’t feel like breaking my neck to get to her bed so I just put her in ours. My father in law was already at the house and couldn’t find anything wrong with the fridge. It had already stopped making that weird noise and he said that if we kept hearing it then it was probably the compressor on it getting ready to go. Great! Just what we need is to go out and purchase a new fridge. I mean I’m still surprised ours is still going considering it’s almost 10 years old. Well I went ahead and started the chicken in the oven for cooking. Tonight we’ll have Roast Chicken, Baked Potato wedges and carrots, a nice salad and some Stover’s Stuffing. Mmmm…sounds so tasty to me already. Well I’ll be happy when Terry gets home from work so that I can take it easy for the rest of the night. The homework has already been turned in and so I am up to date on that.

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