Here’s a video of Livy from last Saturday after I got done cleaning the house. It was taken on my camcorder that I am finally going to start to use now that I have it back!

Last night Livy and I went to Java Mott’s over by Michael’s to meet Cherie Gift to talk about the Pampered Chef opportunity. I got a bunch of information from Cherie and I will try to make my decision this weekend I guess. I do like the fact that you do get paid monthly and you don’t have to pay for shipping or anything like that because the orders already have shipping put in for you. Something to think about now. Then we went over to Chili’s to meet Michelle for dinner and then right after we got seated my mom came over and took Livy for just a few minutes. She wanted to let her go over and see granddad and sit with them. It was nice having her out of my hair for just a few minutes. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who can understand my daughter. After dinner we drove over to the mall to go to Best Buy. I am looking for Natalie Grant’s Christmas CD and was unsuccessful but I did find out that the reason that people were camped outside of the store was to get the new PS3 which was supposed to come out today. Craziness! After that we drove over to Target and had a good time. I ran into an old friend, Angie there and got her cell phone number again. I’m so gald that I am running into all of my old friends because it makes me feel like there are people who want to hang out with me. Well after that we tried on some boots for Livy and she walked around the store with the little elastic holding the two shoes together. Then we were going to get them when we saw these cool boots that were brown and pink and had to get them. They are little cowgirl boots and their so adorable. I’ll have to take a picture of her in them tomorrow. She wants to wear her mini skirt and a cool shirt so I’ll allow her to do that. Thank you Michelle for purchasing the boots for her. She loves them! I also found the cake storage tote that I was looking for at Target and also picked up some new face wash made by Aveeno. I’m so excited too because my face for once feels really clean. Tonight we’re having the London Broil I picked up at the store and we’re also going over to Alltel to pick out a new phone for Terry. He told me that I could have the new phone and he would use my phone instead. We’ll see what we can come up with. Well let me go for now. Have to get to work again. It’s slow but I’ll find something to do. 🙂

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