I can’t believe that it’s Thursday already. I haven’t had time to update my blog since Saturday because I’ve been pretty busy. So here’s the low down on what’s been going on. Sunday I went to Rock Creek Baptist Church again and actually stayed awake during the entire service. Surprise, Surprise! Well it was pouring rain on Sunday like cats and dogs and so driving to church was kind of slow and then driving to Tarboro too was kind of slow. Oh well, it’s not like I was in any major kind of hurry. We had a nice lunch and then it was time for Livy’s nap. She layed down and so did I. I was exhausted and I needed the rest. I took a good long one and didn’t have time to clean anything once I got home because we too needed to go grocery shopping. I can’t believe that I saved almost $16 at the store with using my MVP card and coupons. We went home put Livy to bed and I did my homework and submitted it.

Monday was my Pampered Chef Party and I had a blast. Even though only 2 people showed up I still had a good time. We made a Cool Veggie Christmas Tree and trimmed the tree with broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms and carrots. Very tasty! And I made a Black Forest Cake in my Fluted Stoneware pan in the Microwave (it only took 12 minutes too). It was delicious even when I added some drizzeled chocolate over the top of it. I am still trying to get several orders now so if you would like to place an order Click here. Let see, Tuesday I really didn’t do anything. Just spent some time at home. We had Sloppy Joes for dinner and Livy ate some of it but mainly wanted her banana and her chips. It’s ok, she hasn’t been feeling the greatest in the world and so her appitite has suffered some. Even when I gave her chicken she pushed them away like she didn’t want it. Last night we drove to Tarboro for dinner so that she could see her Pa-Pop and Mom-Mom. She didn’t really even eat except for some bread and afterwards I took her back to their house so that I could change her and also give her something to eat. she did eat a couple bites out of her banana and that’s it really. Maybe this simply stuffy I gave her today will help clear out the congestion she has in her head. She also has a nice rash all over her body so this morning I gave her a bath and washed her in Aveeno body wash. That seemed to help some of the itching that she did have. It also might be her Eczema acting up again. I do notice that’s when it does act up more often.
Here are some pictures of the house and how clean it is:

Tonight I’m going to meet up with a good friend, Chelle and we’re probably going to go out to dinner together. It’ll have to be somewhere cheap where we can gossip and catch up on what’s been going on in our lives. She was a good friend of Terry’s and still is but we have become good friends too. Terry is meeting with a nice man today who is purchasing his old rims that were on his truck. He did purchase new ones back in the spring and he really likes them. Whatever, it doesn’t matter to me. Rims are rims I guess. Oh and yesterday I ordered a couple things off Amazon.com. I have been looking for a hardcover copy of “Flag of Our Fathers” for my grandfather for christmas which I found for a reasonable price online. I also purchased “Star-Craving Mad” by Elise Miller to put under the tree for me. Terry just doesn’t know that yet! hehehe Well I better get to work.

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