Today is a nasty day and I had planned on going out for a quick walk but since it’s still storming and raining I guess my walk will have to wait until tomorrow. As most of you know I have stopped selling Mary Kay and I had a Pampered Chef Party on Monday night. I am now thinking about doing Pampered Chef instead. I’m meeting with hopefully Cherie this evening to find out more about Pampered Chef and the opportunity. Then I will go over to meet with Michelle for dinner. We’re going to meet at Chili’s in Rocky Mount and so I know we’ll have a good time. This morning I was awaken by the sound of thunder shaking the house. I normally will sleep through the storms but these were so firece this morning I couldn’t. Livy didn’t wake up so I guess I will consider myself lucky. I have also been trying to figure out what phone I should get for Terry for Christmas. He will be getting it early but he is in need of a new phone. His has been dropped so many times that it looks like Livy got a hold of it and who knows I might also get a new one too. I would love to have a camera phone but I guess it’s not that important. I think I’m going to meet him down at the Alltel store tomorrow and let him pick out a phone. He should be getting paid next week and this might even have all of his overtime. Well it seems to be letting up in the rain but today just seems like a good day to sleep in instead of doing anything.

Another thing that I have been thinking about getting is a cake tote. I have seen one that my mom used to have but we used it for something better and don’t know what happened to it over the years. I have been looking at one made by Tupperware and I am thinking of getting. I am still checking around town and might even check at Big Lots to see if they have one there. Who knows? I might find it there or at Anna’s Linens a couple doors down from Big Lots. Well I’m bored at work and so I’ve decided to take a few pictures of things around my parents house can you tell I’m just being random today?

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