This morning I woke up about 5:30 am to make coffee for Terry and to wash out his travel mug so that he could take it with him. After that Olivia was up and I tried to allow her to stay in her room for as long as she would allow me to and then by that point I had to go check on her because she was screaming for me. I went into her room to figure out what she needed and all she wanted was some more water. I gave it to her in her cup and then we went on back to bed, or at least tried to. She never did fall asleep and well neither did I. So I decided to allow her to lie in my bed and watch Seseame Street and while I went into the Living room and finished cleaning it. I did the majority of it and I will be finishing it this afternoon/evening. It looks very nice too. Well I still have a lot to do before my pampered chef party on Monday night but thank goodness my husband is off so that he can spend time with Livy and take ber out to dinner. I think that I am going to be cleaning out the fridge tonight/tomorrow and then go shopping for the party and just for things in general. I am hoping to have a good outcome on this party. Well I am going to go make my bed and then put a few things away before I take a shower to get ready for the day. My Uncle Kenny is down visiting us and I would like to go over to mom and dad’s house to see him. Oh and I downloaded Frontpage, Pagemaker and adobe acrobat (the program where I can make changes to the PDF files) onto my laptop..Now I’m ready to roll on it!

Here are a couple pictures from the Living Room and Dining Room.

My Crafting Station at home:

The Dining Room:

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