Where should I begin…On Wednesday I had a little fall on my Right Ankle again and it wasn’t too good. It seems that when I stepped down from the final step on our back porch I stepped into a mud hole and my ankle rolled on me and I heard it snap and then it popped. Not a sound anyone wants to hear. Well I had Olivia in my arms because she was playing around in the water on the door and I didn’t want her to be all wet when I put her into the carseat. Well I set her down and of course started to feel the sharp pain that I had from this and also the fact that my husband was standing in the doorway yelling at me to get into the car and stop crying and being a big baby. Yeah from the time that it happened to the time that I hobbled my way over to the van to hook Olivia into her seat, he could have gotten a pair of pants on and a shirt and come outside to check on me. Anyways, I drove to work and then came inside and got some ice on my foot. I’m so glad that it doesn’t look to be broken but boy it sure is bruised. That evening for dinner I made Spaghetti with some garlic bread and had a salad for me and some applesauce for Livy. Then I put her to bed and I went to cleaning up the dining room. I did most of it including vacuming and dusting it. Then it was off to bed for me.

Yesterday I went to work still having a hard time on my foot and did some work. I did however seem to pick up 2 new candidates. Afterwards I went to pick up Livy from daycare and then went on home to pick up Terry. We already had plans on going to Old Navy for a couple of Christmas gifts which luckily we found on the clearance racks. You can’t go wrong when you can find really good deals with clothes for children. I mean we had well over $80 for about $18. Now that’s a Deal!!! Well afterwards we went to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store to return a darkening shade I had bought for Olivia’s room and got the wrong size and we also picked up a couple light bulbs for the light over the kitchen sink (yeah it’s bright in there now). Afterwards we went to Chick-Fil-A to eat dinner and then back home it was to give Livy a bath and to bed for the both of us. Terry stayed up long enough to put his work clothes in the dryer and then he was in bed too.

This morning I was up at 5am because his alarm clock was buzzing and he wasn’t getting up. Around 5:45 he asked me if I could get up and fix him a pot of coffee, which I did. Then as he was coming back into the room to brush his teeth he ran into my foot and ankle and then told me that I shouldn’t have had it there in the first place. He was in a hurry because he got up late but not my fault. Tonight when I get off work I’m going to go pick up Livy from daycare, then to go on home to fix dinner. I am thinking of having baked chicken with some stir fry and rice. Make it a asian themed dinner. Mmmm good. Afterwards I’ll have Olivia put down for bed and then I can get started on cleaning the living room. My Uncle Kenny is coming down to visit my parents and I might have to stop on in and say hello to him. He doesn’t get down to NC to see us much so it’ll be a nice change for us all. It seems like my phone has not stopped ringing of the hook and so when I get into the car I’m going to have to plug it in.

Also another thing is Terry called me this morning to get mine and Olivia’s SSN’s so that he could add us to the insurance. We’re not getting health insurance because it’s too expensive but we are getting Dental insurance for the entire family and also having life insurance on us all. Terry’s insurance will be for $40K and Olivia’s and mine will be for $5K. It seems that Health Insurance has just become too expensive for us to afford it. I picked up a copy of Parenting Magazine last week and came across this article on how most families in the US can’t afford health insurance. I think something should be said to the government about this because it’s not fair for those of us who are working hard should be able to get some type of insurance without having a high deductible. Well it’s worth reading that’s for sure.

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