Today I took off work again because I didn’t feel so hot when I woke up. I didn’t sleep much last night due to I was coughing and hacking and couldn’t breathe out of my nose at all. It was obviously that the Nyquil didn’e work like it has always worked before for these types of colds I have. Well today at lunch time I went and talked with Angela my director for Mary Kay and told her that since I didn’t have enough time to do Mary Kay that I wanted to stop selling it at this point. She asked at first why but when I fully told her and also the fact that I had an allergic reaction to it I didn’t feel that I should continue to sell it if I can’t wear it. Angela did understand why I was doing it and I told her that maybe after I get my life squared away and school is finished with then maybe I would come back to it but for now I am stopping with it. All of my customers have been referred to her as well so that they can continue to use Mary Kay and get the same great service that I gave them. Also while in Rocky Mount, I went to Target to pick a few necessary items such as femanine Items, a game for my gameboy advance and also some detergent (although I left out of there without tht one item). I also picked up a new great book called “Flags of Our Fathers” by James Bradley and so far it’s really good.

I called my dad this evening to see if my grandfather would enjoy this book and he said he would so I’m going to go to Books A Million and purchase it for him. I know he will really enjoy it since he was in WWII. He did write a Memior on his time in the war and his time spent with the Army that is very good. He gave it out last year around Christmas for us to read and I have a wonderful copy of it. After reading this book I might reread his again. For some reason I am getting back into the History part of my life since I have a sudden intrest in it. Go figure, I was never very interested in it back in school but now I am. I was also going to pick up another book there but decided to wait since christmas is right around the corner. I would love to have a book about 30 minute meals that Rachel Ray has out. She has a couple out and I think that this is something that I will really enjoy since I have gotten back into cooking. I went then to Starbucks and got a tall White Chocolate Mocha and loved it. I have gotten back into drinking coffee and I am glad that I have. I feel more grown up drinking it and not like a child anymore. Olivia asked me if she could have some but I know she wouldn’t have liked it in the first place. I mean it’s taken me 25 years to finally like it so I hope it will take her that long if not longer to like it.

Well my dad asked me again what I really want for christmas and I told him I still didn’t know. I have already told Terry I would like to have an Apple iPod nano for christmas and he said he would see what he could do for me. :o) I take that as a good sign I guess. I mean last year I asked for a Game boy Advance and got it (even though I knew I had already gotten it because I wrapped it). I told dad that I wouldn’t mind having a gift card to starbucks either. I am still thinking about what I am really wanting. For dinner Olivia and I were supposed to meet Terry for dinner at Lonestar but he got called in to work to serve a warrant and kick some poor dude’s door in. I told him to go for it and we would eat on our own. We had a nice dinner even though Olivia didn’t want to behave the last bit of the dinner but we got our check, paid and went on home. This weekend I have to finish cleaning and getting ready for my Pampered Chef Party for Monday night. 🙂 I better go for now…I can barely hold my eyes open now. Good night everyone.

Check out my new glasses that I am wearing now at all times. I think I look more grown up too!

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