This weekend nothing too much happened. On Saturday Olivia and I just hung out around the house for the most part and then once Terry got home from work I had dinner waiting for him. We had baked Lasanga, a salad and some garlic bread. We packed up and went to Terry’s parents house because terry wanted to go to the turkey shoot the church was having. Olivia and I went on to the house though to see his parents and because Olivia was ready to go to bed. We gave her a bath and the put her on to bed. I then went on to bed because I was really tired.

Sunday we got up and went to Church. I actually dressed up which for me dressing up is a miracle. Terry told me that I looked “Sexy” and that I should dress up like that more often. I’ll try to work on that I guess to make my hunny happy. Well it was around 12:30pm and Sister Ann was still preaching and we left. Olivia was hungry and all that fun stuff so Jamie went and on back to the house. We all were so hungry but we were so kind in waiting for the rest of the family to eat. Olivia wanted to eat in her big girl chair at the big girl table so she waited patiently too. After lunch we all cleaned up and then I took my nap and so did everyone else. well for me I didn’t really fall asleep but I did rest some. We then went on home afterwards and put Olivia to bed and then I took the time to turn in my homework, watched 7th Heaven and then I went on to bed. I got up this morning feeling not so great but was going to go to work anyways. When I went into Olivia’s room she felt very warm and I went to go get the thermometer and took her temp and it was 103. She did vomit on me but luckily there were no chunks this time. I called dad and told him that I won’t be into work today and I was going to try to do some work today. Yeah right! Like that every happens. I did however clean up the dining room and put my pfaltzgraff dishes away. Tonight I went to Sears because my glasses were in already and then went to Lowes food to pick up dinner and a few other things that we needed. I just put the pizza in the oven and I better go get the salad ready too. Well let me run for now. Have a good night ya’ll!

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