Last night was the best night ever! I went and picked up Olivia from daycare early and brought her back to my parents to get her dressed. She didn’t want to get dressed at first but then wanted to princess as she called it. Once I got her dressed she was dancing around the house like she was a ballerina it was so cute. Then we went over to my grandparents and saw them. My grandmother was so speechless because of how Olivia was dressed. After we were finished over there we went to the van and then went to Tarboro. Once in Tarboro we went to my inlaws first becasue Olivia needed to be changed. She had a surprise visitor while there. Her Pa-Pop drove all the way back from Virgina last night just so he could see his little girl. We knew he wasn’t going to be there so we just walked in non chaluntly and there he was hiding in the bedroom waiting for her. She was so excited because as soon as we walked in the house she asked “pa-pop, where is he?” Well after we got her changed and attempted to get her fed she was ready to go to the Trunk or Treat Carnival at church. We packed her up and headed on over there. She was so excited too when she saw her Uncle Jim, Aunt Shelley and Justin and Jamie. The first thing she really did was to do the tee-ball. I think we might have a future ball player on deck, then she was over playing with the pick a duck from the duck pond for a prize. She was really into the hoola-hoops and tried to do it herself. Too funny with what she did. She would say are you ready and then spin the hoop as fast as she could make and and then twirl with it at the same time without any hands. It was so adorable!! She did get lots of candy but she isn’t going to get much of them at all. Last night after the carnival was done we went bak to my inlaws to see if Olivia was hungry yet and she was. She tried to eat some chili which she did and then she went to the fridge and asked for some turkey. She ate most of the turkey and then was so ready for bed. We went on home and I put her right on to bed.

Another thing that has happened is that I am probably losing a friend. Not to any illness and because she is obviously jealous of the way I am living and all that I have. She tells me that I complain way too much to her which lately I have barely even talked to her because she has been avoiding my phone calls and such. You know what, that’s fine with me because I don’t think I can be friends with someone who can talk junk about my husband while she’s around me and behind my back. I have a brother who knows just about everyone and things get back to me. I don’t need her anyways! I have other friends that I can have a normal conversation with and not have to hear her say, I can’t buy this or that because I don’t have any money but then she goes and purchases it anyways. Whatever! I just think that she wants to be like me and it’s really getting on my nerves now. Last Friday we went to Applebee’s for dinner and here she shows up with the same exact purse as me (which she asked if she could buy mine from me and I told her no) and I think that she is also a little jealous of the fact that I have a great relationship with my parents and she doesn’t. Well if the friendship is meant to be over then fine it is.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest, back to me and my family. Tonight Olivia and I are going to have some fat free hotdogs and I might have some chili that we brought home on it. It’s the perfect time of the year to have soups and chili’s and such and I can’t wait until it snows this year. I have a feeling that this year we’ll get some. At least some that Olivia will be able to play with and go running in the backyard and have some fun. I remember as a child of going to the neighborhood hill and taking our sleds and snow tubes down it over the pond. I love the winter time too since we don’t see much of it here except for every other year. Since last year we got none and the year before we did I have a feeling this is the year for us to get some! I’m so excited too! I have a new winter coat and Olivia has a snow suit and its just perfect. Ok so I’m going to get back to work but I’ll try to write more later. Have a great day!

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