This weekend has just really been an interesting one. For one Terry had to work yesterday instead of spending it with us. We had already made plans to go to yard sales in the morning, then come home and do some cleaning and then go to Raleigh for a few things. Around 2pm Olivia and I went into Rocky Mount to return the videos from Blockbuster and then come on home before Terry got off work. When we got home around 3pm we noticed that we had no power. A little odd for us because I knew that I had paid the light bill so that wasn’t the problem but we couldn’t figure it out. Terry was still at work when I called him to let him know we had no power. He was doing a funeral escort and told me that after he was done with that he would call CP&L and figure out what was going on. He got no answer on that so he called up to Nash Communications (he knows a few people that work there) and come to find out a light pole with a transformer was blown over by the wind and the transformer blew up. They were estimating it would be back on by 5:45pm but when it rolled around the power was still not on. So Olivia and I decided we were going to do some projects with the construction paper we got. We ended up making a turkey (drawn around my hand of course), a paper chain, and 2 indian hats. We wore them around the house and had a blast too. Finally it was turning dark and we knew we couldn’t stay at home with no power and a hungry 2 year old. We packed up and went to my inlaws in Tarboro. We had a nice stay there too. Come to find out the power came back on not long after we left.

This morning we got up thinking we were running late when in all actuality we were early. We forgot about the time change and got up early anyways. Olivia did sleep in though thankfully. Well I think that I am finally going to take Olivia’s rails off her toddler bed. She keeps asking for me to “take off” and so I am going to probably do that this week. Well we didn’t go to church but we did leave in pretty good time to go to Raleigh. Once on the road Olivia took her nap right on time so it was a very peaceful drive up there. Once in Raleigh we went to Fuddruckers for lunch and then went to Burlington Coat Factory on Capital Blvd. We were’nt too happy with it plus couldn’t find me a coat so instead we turned around and drove up by Triangle Town Center and to the Dick’s Sporting Good store there. We found a $160 Columbia Coat for $79. I couldn’t be any happier with it. It’s really warm but I can use it for just a light coat too. I have a feeling this year we will be getting some type of cold wet weather! We also had our eyes examined at the doctors office next to Lens Crafter’s in Triangle Town Center and come to find out my prescription has really changed. The doctor told me I will have to wear my glasses at all times if I want to be able to see. Well I didn’t get new frames or anything but I am going to our mall instead and get new frames from Sears. I have a pretty nice coupon for there. We also went to The Children’s Place to get a couple new shirts and yoga pants for Olivia but came out empty handed. She did however get 2 new pairs of PJ’s which she was in desperate need of.

Once we got home we put her to bed after giving her dinner and then I did my homework and finished it. I have to stop by the mall tomorrow to at least get Olivia a pretty long sleeve shirt to wear under her halloween costume for tuesday night while we go to “trunk or treat”. Well let me go for now, my eyes are still a little dialated from this afternoon.

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