It seems like this week is going by so slow. I got up around 7am this morning and hit the snooze and layed in bed since 7:30am. I was so sleepy even though I went to bed around 8:30 last night. I haven’t been feeling the best in the world this week and so I’ve been trying to take it easy. If I could have stayed at home today I would have but I had so many things to do at work. I did however pick up a new candidate and I am hoping that she will be placed somewhere. The last couple of candidates that I have picked up have either vanished off the face of the earth or have found other jobs on their own. Oh well that’s the life of a recruiter. This morning I knew it was going to be cold out so of course I went and put on a long sleeve shirt again and then went and dressed Olivia. I put her in a nice warm outfit and when it was time to leave for outside she didn’t want to original coat I had on her she wanted her Red coat instead. So I took off the coat and then put the right coat on. She also asked after we got outside if I could take a picture of her since I had done her hair today and also wanted a fruit snack instead of candy. I went back inside after I had put her into her seat and got the few things I needed. When I got back into the car she had me take a couple pictures of her.

I got to work and really felt like crud. I also noticed that my mom was home from work too! Ok you have to understand my mom, she never misses work at all and when she misses Church the night before and then work today she’s really sick! Today has been an interesting day but nothing new though. Dad is going to Wilson to meet my sister for dinner and I have to go pick up Olivia and take her home. I still have no idea what’s for dinner but we’ll figure that out later on. The Directv Man was out to fix out satellite reciever and hook up the DVR in the living room. We have not had any show on in that room for almost 3 months now and we have been waiting to see if the DVR is really what we wanted to do. Terry and I both agreed that’s what we wanted since he’s been working all the time. Also I have to go home and start to clean up for my Pampered Chef Party happening on November 13th! I can’t wait either. Well let me go for now. I’ll try to write more later on if I can!

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