I have finally switched over to the Blogger Beta and I love it too! Well today is Wednesday and its the middle of the week, which means the week is halfway over. Yesterday Terry didn’t get off work until 7pm which meant that he was on duty for 24 hours! I am very proud of him and I am glad that he will have a pretty good paycheck this Friday. I told him that he can go get his eyes looked at and he could get new frames too. He’s been suprisingly in a good mood lately and I’m glad that he hasn’t been bringing his work home with him. I think Monday I will be going to Sears to have my eyes looked at because I have been having a hard time seeing and the blurriness and my eyes going out of focus lately has been very hard and happening more often. I seem to be getting tired because my eyes have been bothering me lately. Friday is going to be the day that Terry goes to Raleigh first to Lawmen’s to pick up his vest and then get his eyes looked at and I’m going to stay at home. Thursday the Directv man is coming to install the new DVR that we had ordered. We have been wanting one and it’s finally happening. This way we can record the shows or movies that we know we will miss with not being at home or if Terry is working. I can finally then record Oprah now!

Back on the track of things, it seems that Olivia has been having accidents at daycare with her potty training. They keep bouncing her back and forth between two different classes and with them doing that she has been having more and more accidents. Like lets take Monday for instance, she went in to a different class and when I picked her up she had on no lie a pair of Shorts and a short sleeve shirt! As cold as it was on monday I’m praying she doesn’t get a cold or even worse. Then yesterday I take her in and she goes into Ms. Karen’s room and what does she come home in a pair of god-ugly pants including her jacket had been spoiled too so they sent her outside with no jacket again. What are they thinking? If they want to pay for her doctors bills then go for it but I don’t want a sick toddler either at home. The past couple weeks she’s been pretty healthy except for the nosebleeds she’s getting. I am going to try again this weekend to get her back on schedule with the potty training. She’s really ready for it and when she’s with me she uses the potty all day long but I don’t know what’s been going on with her at daycare. When she is in her room with her teacher, Mrs. Ashley she never has accidents but I notice whenever Ashley’s not there she has accidents like its going out of style. She’ll hopefully get back on the swing of things hopefully!

It seems that this sore throat is not going away. I’m going to swing by the store today and pick up some honey and some tea so that I can make hot tea with honey. I’m sure it will help my throat without having to go to the doctors. I really can’t stand going and I normally don’t go. I have to say, when I was younger and in school I was sick all the time but now that I’m out of school and older I seem to be less sick then I have ever been. I haven’t been to the doctors at all this year for me and that’s very good for what I have grown up with! Thankfully for that!

It’s my brother in laws birthday today and we went to Lifeway Bible Store Monday night and picked him up a gift card and we picked up a new Christmas CD by Hillsong and I also picked up a CD with vocal tracks on it of “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. I might get the courage to sing it but it just really depends on how much I can get up the nerve. I have always had the fear of speaking in front of large crowds let alone sing. But I have never understood how I can’t do that but I can get on stage in front of thousands and dance? What’s up with that? Well we finally got our door fixed too on the passenger side and thank goodness too! Well for church I might get up the nerve to sing a Christmas song but that’s it. Well I better get back to work. I’ll write more later I hope!

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