This weekend was full of fun. Saturday I took Olivia to Vollmer Farm in Bunn, NC and our good friend Melissa went with us. It was a beautiful day to go and just have a girls day out really. Olivia and I really don’t get out much with friends so it was a very nice change for us, especially on the weekend. Once we got to the farm we parked and then went in to find out where to pay. We paid $9/person but it was well worth it. I told myself that I wouldn’t pay for Olivia with it being that much and we would go somewhere else but since we knew about what all they had it was well worth it. To get to the Back Forty we had to take a hayride there which was a very bumpy yet fun ride. Once we got to the play area we noticed how much there was to do. They had an educational tours we could have done but we decided to go play instead. We took a look at the chickens and the calf and we also so lots of ducks and dogs as well. Olivia saw the playground and took off. It was over then she didn’t want to leave the playground but we also wanted to venture off and see what else was there. We then walked up to the hill where the 40′ underground slide was and I went and did it. Boy that was a rush of fresh air there, it was like I was flying fast but once I got to the bottom of the slide the potato sack came out from under my butt and lets say I’m sure it was on fire.

We took some pictures of the beautiful sunflowers they had…which were all over the entire farm. We could have picked a bouquet for $10 but we decided not too since we were going to eat afterwards and talk. Melissa and I took lots of silly pictures of each other posing with all of the fun figurines they had and Olivia had a blast playing on the wooden truck, in the hay siler, and on th pirate ship. She also enjoyed the wooden train as well and explored every nook and crany she could find on there. This year that was new was also the Rubber Romp Playground which contained mostly old used tires that made a nice new playground. They also had the corn box which was filled with corn instead of sand and had a puppet show as well. There was so much to do there that we didn’t get to see all of it. We left after seeing that Olivia was pooped because it was way past her nap time so we went back to the hayride pickup and took a ride back to the main entrance. Once we go there we went and picked out a pumpkin for us which weighed in at 13 lbs and I also picked up a jar of Pumpkin Butter. Mmmmm…it’s so good. I might have to drive back out there just to get some more maybe for christmas presents. They also had a lot of organic grown veggies there and of course we’ll have to go back when it’s time for the annual strawberry picking. After we left there we went to Zebulon to Smithfields Barbque and had lunch. We talked for a little bit and then went on back to Spring Hope to Melissa’s house.

On our way back home we stopped off at Blockbuster to first return the movies we had last week and get new ones. Olivia of course picked out Disney Princesses and I picked out RV and Ice Princess (which I highly recommend seeing) and got Jarhead for terry to watch. We went home and had a dinner and a movie themed evening and then it was off to bed for both of us since Olivia never did take a nap. Sunday we got up early and headed over to Terry’s parents for lunch. We had bbq chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and lima beans and for dessert we had Birthday cake for Jim’s birthday wednesday. Today I had to go to Wilson early because we had our passenger side sliding door fixed and then I headed over to the mall for a few things. I picked up a ty bear that said “2 cool 4 school” for mom and took it too her school. She was surprised and loved it. I got to work around 11:30 this morning and still haven’t done much of anything. My throat is killing me and well I just don’t feel like talking. I might go drink some hot tea with honey in it too see if that will help.

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