This week has been quite interesting. Well Sunday we decided to head out to Raleigh and go shopping for a new belt for me, a new stroller and go to Sam’s club. Well we got a new pair of PJ’s for Livy and went to Sams Club but we got nothing else. We’re still looking for a stroller, we right now have a Graco Quattro Tour one thats a pain to get in and out of the car and so I am thinking of getting a Maclaren Volo Stroller to replace the one we have now. It seats a child up to 55 lbs and so I’m thinking this is the one for us. Plus the online reviews are all positive about this one stroller so that’s another thing that I had to look at. I might go to Raleigh this weekend again and get one. We’ll have to see though. On the other note we think we might have to finally get a new camera. Our Kodak Camera has seen its better days that’s for sure. We’ve had this for about 2 years now but since we use it just about every day we need something that is going to hold up to its name. Don’t get me wrong but I like our camera but we need something that has a better optical zoom and a larger lcd screen on it. I’m really hoping we get one by christmas though.

On Saturday I am planning on taking Olivia to Vollmer Farms in Bunn with my friend Melissa Lipari. They have lots of things there for the kids to do like a hayride and a couple playgrounds. My friend Missy was telling me today that theres a farm in Youngsville that has even more for the kids to do and even has a train. I think we’re going to go to Vollmer farms though. Just depends on what I can find out about this other farm tonight or tomorrow. This afternoon I went to Rocky Mount to meet Angela for a couple of things she had for me and then I went on over to Target to see if they had any safety sissors (which they did not) and also picked up a couple items. I also went into the New Starbucks there in Target and got a Pumpkin Spice Frap. Its’ good but I honestly think they forgot to put the coffee in it. Oh well, we’ll see what happens next time I go there. I am thinking about getting maybe a Maple Latte instead.

Last night for dinner I think we had turkey sandwiches, yogurt and some rice milk. We also sat down and watched a movie and then it was off to bed. I didn’t even get online to check my email at all. Shocking I know!

Today I have to go to the school and take my test for class and then I think I’m going to pick up dinner either at Domino’s or have chinese food. I don’t know what exactly yet we’re going to have and so we’ll have to see. Well tomorrow I’m taking Livy to Vollmer Farms in Bunn and can’t wait! She can’t wait either, she keeps saying “Farm, Farm! Pumpkins, Farm!” Well Monday I have to take the van to Cox Dodge in Wilson to have my passenger side door fixed. About 2 weeks after we got it and the warranty ran out we noticed the door was acting funny. Now it has completely stopped working in the automatic sliding part and so we’re finally going to have it fixed. This is a very good sign considering it’s the side that Olivia has wanted to sit at because she can see the cows every morning and every night much better at that seat.

Here is a picture of Olivia at Fisher’s Farm in Red Oak.

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