Today I decided to take Livy to The Children’s Museum in Rocky Mount. We had a really good time. Their exhibits that they had were Robots and lots of animals to look at and even had a designated area for toddlers and preschoolers. Livy played mainly in the area for her age group but we did venture over to the other exhibits as well. She did play with some of the robotics and also we did go see the live animals. Terry had a Ball Python years ago and donated her to the Children’s Museum when she started getting to big for him to take care of. He named her Bubba, because at the time he thought she was a he. Funny isn’t it? Well we think that the Python that they have at the museum is the same one he gave them. It’s funny how we run into his past all the time. Anyways, we also saw a Alligator, and plenty of sea fish and such. We took lots of pictures too.

This afternoon we went by Jenifer’s and picked up my Pampered Chef things that I had ordered. Yes! I was so excited to get them too. I couldn’t wait! I ordered a Apple Wedger (or as Livy calls it a Wedgie), a Cut-n-Seal (makes sandwiches like Smuckers does with their PB&J) and also got a Fluted Stoneware Bundt Cake pan. For dinner we had a PB&J Sandwich and shared an apple. I can’t wait to use my Stoneware this week. Well I had to put Livy in time out this afternoon not only because she hit me but she bit me hard enough to leave a bruise on my arm while in Walmart today. She is definately in her Terrible Two’s for sure. I also spoke with one of my good friends Lauren today and found out she’s coming down to Raleigh hopefully in a couple of weeks. That means we can get together for lunch or something. I can’t wait either. Tomorrow we’re going to Raleigh to go shopping. I know we’re going to pick up a new stroller while there and we’re just going to have a nice day out together as a family.

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