Today was Livy’s very first Field Trip to the Pumpkin Farm. We went to Fisher’s Pumpkin Farm in Red Oak which is only a few miles from my house so I’m glad it’s close by. We met up at the daycare and she wanted to ride in the van with all of her friends so I undid her Booster seat and put her into the van. She was so happy that she got to go in the big van as she calls it. We packed up and all followed behind the van. The adults that went were Kay (the director of Stonybrook), Ms. LuElla, Ms. Ashley (Livy’s Teacher), Michelle (Abigal’s Mom), Connor’s Dad met us there and Christopher’s Granddad. We all had a great time. When we first got there we unloaded the kids and then went over and looked at a few new baby chicks and a couple rabbits. Then we all loaded up on the back of the tractor in a wagon for a hayride. I’m sure my allergies are going to be killing me tonight and so we will have to take some benadryl tonight before we head to bed. While on the hayride we went and saw sheep, cows and heffer’s and horses. We took lots of pictures including a picture of a cows butt. It was a joke to see if anyone would take one so of course we all did. We had a great time on the hayride. We all learned something new about horses today, we didn’t know that in the fall time because all the grass is dying off they will sometimes eat pumpkins too. They’re like a yummy treat for the horses.

After the hayride we all went and sat down on the blue tarp and learned about all the different kinds of pumpkins and gourds there are. Naturally I had to take a lot of pictures but that’s just who I am. After learning about the pumpkins and how their grown we walked over to see more animals. We couldn’t touch the animals because of the health regulations (we had an E. Coli outbreak a year or two ago at the petting zoo at the NC state Fair) but what does my daughter do? She sticks her head into where the goats were. I was waiting for her head to get stuck and us try to figure out how to get her out. Luckily that didn’t happen. After the animals the kids went down and picked out their pumpkins. They are pretty small pumpkins but I think that we will have to go to the farm again to allow Livy to pick out a much larger pumpkin.

Yesterday we went to the mall to pick up our pictures from Sears and then went to The Children’s Place to pick out a Halloween Costume out. We have been lucking out of a costume that would fit Livy because she is so petite compared to other kids her age. They were out of the princess outfits so she chose a fairy princess one. It’s really cute. I’ll have to take a picture of her when I try it on her maybe this weekend. Halloween night we are going to go to Terry’s Church instead of going trick or treating (it’s much easier with a toddler to do this instead). Tonight for dinner I’m thinking of making Lasagna and maybe chicken for Livy. We will be eating at home this weekend because I’m tired of eating out all the time again.

Here’s More Photo’s from the trip:




Checking out the Pumpkin eaten by the horse


*I’ll post more when blooger decides it wants to work:) *

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