Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. Other than work being busy I had a busy evening. I called yesterday to a couple gyms around the area to find what the rates are going for because I have finally made the decision to join one instead of using my bootcamp dvds (which I have only used like once.) I called up to World Gym and the rates there look like we will be joining there. For just me to join I would have to pay a $60 enrollment fee and then it would be $50 a month but for Terry and I to join there would be no enrollment fee (usually $90) and would be $46 a month. Thank goodness my hunny is a police officer and gets good rates like that. I always knew he was good for something. hehehe

Anyways, yesterday after work I went and picked Livy up from daycare and then we drove on over to Walmart for a few things. While there I went ahead and got grandma a birthday card and Livy got her one too. We also picked up a couple new cups for Livy and also just a few things we didn’t need. While there I picked up a bottle of Cortislim Lifestyles just to see if they would help on my weight issue. I took one this morning and have already started drinking lots of water and such. For dinner we went to Ruby Tuesday’s and I had a veggie burger and a diet coke and Livy well had her usual chicken tenders and a sweet tea. The veggie burger was different but I just couldn’t finish it so I took it home and gave it to Zeus. I basically was full anyways so it didn’t matter and if I didn’t eat it then it would have gone bad in the fridge. Last night I also straightened my hair and I hope that it worked. It looks pretty good and of course I can’t wash it for 48 hours. So that means Thursday morning I can finally wash it again. Yeah! Today I’m going to go over to my grandparents and give my grandma her birthday cards. Today she turns 87 and she is still going strong. Well let me get back to work. I’ll try to update more later on.

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