Today was pretty uneventful. It turned out to be a very gloomy day and so we decided to stay in and not venture out anywhere. I had planned on going out but since I had a migrane too I wasn’t up for anything. I still don’t know if they had the pumpkin festival and I guess I really don’t care either. This weekend was also the Williamson Family Reunion in Hobucken, NC which normally I attend but this year I really didn’t feel like going. I guess traveling in the rain with a 2 year old is enough reason to want to stay home. Maybe next year we’ll go but this year I didn’t feel like going alone too. I will try to get down to Bayboro, NC to visit my grandparents graves though and to maybe place some flowers on them. I miss them so much and would do anything to have them back home with. Anyways, today Livy played in her room most of the day with all of her animals having a tea party and such. She didn’t even want mommy to come play with her. I commend her for wanting to play alone. This is why for christmas she will be getting a kitchen so that she can cook for us too (I’m really thinking of getting a wooden one so that it will last longer than a plastic one.)

This evening I decided to bake some homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies and this time they turned out perfect! I have to say using the mini morsels worked so much better and also using my beater as well helped out much better than doing it all by hand. I forgot last time to use my beater so it took twice the time that it should have to prepare them. I guess I’ll be making more for the holidays I guess. I really enjoy cooking up things like that and I have already hinted to Terry that I would like to have one of the Kitchenaid Stand Mixers for christmas although I know it probably won’t happen.

I’m still a little upset with my husband who has spent way too much for his truck. It’s like every time I turn around, he’s purchasing new things for it. I understand that some things do need replacing but other things need to stay put until they croak! I mean in the past week he’s already spent over $550 for a Fuel Injector thingy offline and then paid $300 to have it put on. If he was patient enough for it my brother could have helped put it on since he’s graduated college with a Mechanic’s degree. Geesh! He’s not going to purchase anything else if I can help it. I mean he already gets upset with me if I purchase anything for me over $30 but I think I’ve had my fair share of getting upset over things like this. It’s not fair that he’s spending all of my hard earned money on things for his truck!!! Ok so some of the money is his too but still. Well it’s late and I’m sleepy. I’m going to hit the sack for now…I guess I have to wait til morning to take my shower now. I am going to play it by ear if I go to Tarboro for church or not. Just depends on my mood I guess in the morning. Good Night Ya’ll!

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