Friday Night Livy and I met Terry for dinner at Peking Palace in Rocky Mount. It was good but we always fill up on chinese fast because of the rice and all. It was good though. After dinner Terry left for Halifax for the Tractor Pull and Livy and I went over to Old Navy and went shopping. I got a pair of jeans, plenty of shirts and just some odds and ends. We also went into Lifeway looking for a children’s Bible but couldn’t find one we liked. We’ll keep looking though.

Yesterday we had gone to the Mall to have pictures taken. Terry, Livy and I went to Sear’s to have a family Portrait done and they turned out really good. I can’t wait until we get them back! I’ll post some of them in a little bit. I actually did my hair including straightening it. I have to say I looked really good too! We all had on our outfits from Old Navy which you can tell I have really become obsessed with that store but they usually have really good sales. After the mall we went to Pizza Hut for Lunch and then came home to rest. Terry had to work last night so he needed to rest some. Livy and I are headed to my in-laws last night because we don’t want to stay home alone again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind staying home alone most of the time but sometimes I want company and well it’s hard to find people who will drive to my house because I live in the boonies. Oh well, it’ll be alright. I also took a few pictures outside of the house which have turned out ok. I love pictures and so does Livy! Ok so I better go get my homework finished. I have really been procrastinating lately with my homework but I just can’t wait until I am finished. I might just take 2 classes next semester to get it over with! Then I’ll graduate in the spring:)

This morning we got up early to get ready for church. Again I did my hair and then went to church. We let Livy stay in church with us for most of the service because she didn’t want to go play in the nursery. She and I ended up leaving early because she was so sleepy but she never did take a Nap. She’s been in the mood lately of not taking one so it’s been interesting for us this weekend. Oh well, maybe it’s just a phase she’s going through. Also we talked to Shelley today about if she was going to see Disney Princess’ on Ice this year and she had already ordered her tickets I guess Friday or last night. I just got done ordering ours too because I know its something Livy is going to love. Since she already loves Disney, then we’re going to have a great time. And even better we are in the same section, row and have seats right next to Shelley and Jamie. The Lord was really watching out for us that’s for sure! Before we made it home, we went to Target and got a Quilt for the bed, since our last comforter that I purchased last weekend was way too heavy for the weather right now. I can’t wait until it turns much cooler because then we can use it. But we picked out a really nice looking one and it’s still goes with our theme of beige and green. Then we went over to Old Navy and explained that on Friday I was charged for a shirt that I didn’t even get, so they had to give me a refund for that. Well I guess I better go do my homework and submit it before its too late not to! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Here’s the link for the pictures we took today at Sears: Our Family Pictures:)

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