Ok so Tuesday I decided to paint Livy’s room and well I didn’t finish it like I had hoped to. Its a much bigger room than I thought and well with me just doing it; it was hard. Well, I did as much as I could without my arm falling off. I’ll try to do the rest over the weekend and might have to sleep at my in-laws Saturday night. Well I just realized that my little Livy is now 29 months old. Gosh it seems like she’s growing and learning more words than ever. Her newest phrase to use is “is there anyone here?” from Lilo and Stitch and she loves singing the Bob the Builder song in public. It’s so cute. She also loves singing any song really in public and also pointing out to everyone she meets or sees that mommy has “boobies”. Too cute though. She really makes us laugh with something everyday and I’m so happy that she does because sometimes we need to have laughter in our lives. Well below are some pictures from the room of what I got completed. I still have to redo the trim work but no biggie really! Enjoy!

Last night we went to Tarboro to eat dinner with my in-laws and then we went to Walmart. While we were there we picked up several things we needed and also picked up several things we didn’t. They had these DVD’s for $1 each and well we got 2 with Cartoons and 2 Kidsong’s DVD’s. She is going to have a good time I’m sure watching them. I have been easy going in allowing her to watch movies since she’s been sick and well we’ve exhausted out indoor activities for the week. She didn’t want to color and do all of the fun things we normally do so I was a little lenient. We also picked up a coffee maker for mom and dad because their’s stopped working yesterday. But only to find out that they got one and the same one we picked up. Oh well….it’ll be alright. I think that tonight, Livy and I are going to head over to the mall to pick up Norton Anti-Virus for the laptop and then head on back over to Ross. Terry has given me the OK to purchase some more clothes for Livy since she is outgrowing most of her old things from last year. She has really shot up in her height then she was last year too. I’m also going to head over to Walmart and return the coffee maker too. We already have one and don’t need another one by any means. Ok, I’m going to go so I can begin to work some today. Have a great day everyone!

Here are the pictures from Livy’s Room:

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