Pictures, Pictures & more Pictures. In the last post I said I would take some pictures of the new bedspread from Ross and I also went ahead and painted the spare bathroom a beautiful Forest/Sage Green color. I am going to paint Livy’s room a nice blue color that she picked out and also do the master bathroom in the same green color used in the spare one. I still have to do another coat of paint in some spots but other than that it’s a great color and really opens the bathroom up. The bathrooms have some icky wallpaper that came with the house so I am just making some changes to the house to make it more us. I am also thinking of painting our bedroom like a light coffee color or a brownish color. I want to come to a room that’s relaxing and will just make us feel warm and relaxed. Well here are some pictures of the bathroom and of the bedspread. When I finish up Livy’s room I’ll post those pictures too!

Picture 1 of the Spare Bathroom

Picture 2 of the Spare Bathroom

Picture of the Tommy H. Comforter I got from Ross for $39.00 compared to $120.00

Ok so here is a picture of Livy dancing in her princess dress I made her. She loves to swish, swish it and jam to the music.

Action Shot!!

Ok, it’s like 6:13 am and I still haven’t slept at all tonight I’m going to do some work online. Today it’s going to be interesting again because Livy still has a pretty high fever and well I can’t send her to daycare because of the fever. I wish she would get better but I’m going to have to get a check to the daycare when I head into Nashville to pay a bill. Oh well, I guess I’ll check in later on:)

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