Here I sit on the bed in the Ameri Suites Room in Greensboro, NC alone. I do miss my family so much yet its nice to have a couple days to myself with no husband asking what have I done all day and also having a screaming child in the background helping it. Sometimes a Mommy and Daddy do need some adult time with other friends and no children, so its been nice so far. Today I got up around 5:15 am which is super early for me, and had to be over to mom and dad’s by 6:30 am to leave for Greensboro for Boot Camp. I dropped off Livy and then left their house by 6:50 am about 20 minutes later, not too bad. I made it on the road and got to Greensboro around 8:15 am, record time I guess, but I didn’t hit any traffic really which surprised me! I have learned a lot so far and it’s been very nice. We still have tomorrow though to learn more interesting things about the recruiting world I would say. I will be putting some of the things back into action on Monday for sure! For lunch we ate at Jimmy Johnny’s right across the street from the hotel and it was very good. For dinner we ate at the Japanese steakhouse next to the hotel and again it was very good. Also I went ahead and drank a Corona Light too but didn’t go for more. We also made our way on over to Walmart after dinner to pick a few items that we left at home like Shampoo and Conditioner and also just some Misc. Items.

Ya know, I never realized how lucky I am to have my own room when all of the other recruiters are sharing a room with each other (boys with the boys and girls with the girls) and even some live close enough to Greensboro they don’t need to! Well I’m getting pretty sleepy, I think that I will turn in for the night. Good night and Sleep tight!

Here’s a picture of my dad’s cat, Wimpie….Classic!

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