It’s been a long week and I have just noticed that I didn’t write at all last week so it looks like this post is going to be long so sorry! On Monday nothing really happened, just did some shopping and went to Fuddruckers and came home. On Tuesday we went to Target to return the Foreman Grill that I had gotten Monday and got a larger one instead and then went to Lonestar again. Very good food! On Wednesday I really didn’t do much, just made dinner at home and then went to bed. On Thursday I went to Victoria Secret for 2 bra’s and have to return them because they didn’t fit right. I have a thing about me trying them on in the store. yes it would save me from going back tot he store but oh well. I also went to Walmart and then went to Lowe’s Food to do some shopping. I picked up several things that we needed and some things we didn’t. When I got home I made some awesome hamburgers, Brown rice and sauted some squash, zucchini and mushrooms. It was so nice and healthy! I put Livy down for the night and then I started to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies. They turned out pretty good and I might even have to make some more. I took the cookies on up to Maryland with me on Friday morning. Mmmmmmmm….

Friday we made it Maryland safely and we also had a good time on Friday! For dinner, Aunt Susan, Livy and I went to Roy Rogers and Oh my gosh, do I miss having a Roy’s by us! The Food was delicious and for dessert we had a Strawberry Shortcake. I still remember living in Columbia and going to the Roy Rogers after swimming at Splash Down and it was so good. Then we went to Walmart to pick a few things that Aunt Susan was looking for. We then went on back to the house and let Bruce and Jonathan eat dinner we had picked up for them.

Saturday, Pam came over and we all went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and had a good time! I can’t believe that after living in Maryland for so long, we had never been there. I will definately be going again!!! We stayed there just about all day and had a blast! Livy got her fairy princess hat and also a little fairy wand. She is now a princess for sure. Then we went back to Pam’s house to let Woody out of his pen and then went home. I have really decided that I want a Puggle and it can be an inside dog too! I love Zeus but I don’t go in his cage for a reason, first of all you’ll break your neck because of all the craters in there and second because he jumps all of me and cuts my arms and legs all up with his nails. He’s still a puppy but we still can’t let him out around Livy because he tears her up too. Sunday we got up late but we all needed to sleep in because we had a long day walking the day before. I didn’t get out of breath though which was really good for me. So maybe I’m not in as bad as shape as I thought I was. Yes! I am also going to check into joining the Y because I would like to join some classes in exercising so we’ll see I guess. I might even join curves…just depends I guess. Then we had ribs for lunch, and then we got ready to go on home. We had a really good time in Maryland and hope to go back up there soon! Well I’ve gotta go do some work for now since Livy and I are both home sick today!

Here are a couple pictures from the Renaissance Festival too!

Here’s Pam being silly!

Bruce trying to win a heart for Aunt Susan…

The Jousting Event!

Charlotte & Jonathan:)

Olivia this morning and look at the cool pillow I made!

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