Last night Tropical Storm Ernesto made landfall in North Carolina around 11:30pm in Long Beach just east of Wilmington. We have been getting the rains from Ernesto since yesterday morning. It seems like this wind and rain will never quit but we here in NC did need the rain for the farmers. We in Nash County are under a wind advisory and also a flood warning. Livy’s daycare does open up at 10am today but I have decided not to go driving in 30 mile an hour winds and also I don’t know if the roads will be flooded in the low lying areas (swamp areas) on the way to her daycare. I will just stay home and try to find lots of indoor activities. We have already played with some homemade play dough and she tried to eat it and spit it out. As a toddler she wanted to see what it tasted like. Oh well, we might dance some (put on a nice cd or a tape), we might do some painting and coloring. When it comes for Nap time then we both will take one.

Terry and I were up most of the night because the winds here were awful and the rain was pounding hard against the windows. I don’t mind having a rain storm every now and then but this was different. The wind has been howling since around 1am and Livy waked up crying. She was scared and we tried to put her in our bed. That didn’t work because then she wanted to jump on the bed and all, so back to her room she went. We haven’t lost power but the satellite has been off and all morning (well expected). I guess after things let up in a little bit I’ll go outside and check out the damages. I’m sure we lost plenty of shingles in the storm and I hope nothing else. Zeus was sitting outside his doghouse this morning looking at me like he wanted to come back in the house and that wasn’t happening. He was soaking wet!

I just went outside and did damage control and yes we lost plenty of shingles so I guess its going to be a weekend project for Terry and I to work on next week. We do live on a little hill so any strong wind that we do get we do lose alot of shingles then. I didn’t notice any siding was gone but it was definately really windy and raining again with a good chill in the air. It’s going to be a long sleeve and long pants day for sure. Well let me go get Livy ready to color. I’ll try to write more later on:)

Here are a couple pictures from this morning while figuring out what we were going to do. Also Happy Birthday to Abby who is 2 today! Have a great birthday Abby!

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