Last night after going out for dinner I realized some things about taking a toddler to a restaurant.

1. Screaming “I want Chicken” is not going to make the food get cooked any faster.

2. Telling everyone in the restaurant that you have to pee-pee is not appropriate.

3. Yes, talking loudy in the bathroom does echo Livy.

4. Everyone in the restaurant does not need to know that you pee-peed.

5. Crying because we didn’t give you enough ketchup has got to stop.

6. Having people stare at you because your child is dancing in her chair has got to stop.

7. Telling a 2 year old “You can’t have any ice cream” is like taking a bottle from a baby.

8. We can not give in to giving our 2 year old what she wants.

9. Next time we’ll go somewhere more children oriented!

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