Olivia’s Leggy’s

Ok so I went to Target last night and picked up a couple pairs of knee highs to go home and make some of my own bebee legs (Babylegs). I had already paid $36 for 3 pair online and I didn’t feel that I would be able to pay for anymore so I was told by a good friend Amy T. that I could make some of my own. I sat down after Livy went to bed last night and cut them at the top of the feet and hemmed them up. It took all of 15 minutes to make all 3 pair that I purchased last night. Also when I was finished with them I took the feet of the knee highs and made little footies for mom. It’s a 2-n-1 deal! Plus I only paid $6 instead of $36 for them. If you would like to have some made please let me know and I will make some for you for $5 a pair which is a great deal compaired to paying $12 a pair plus tax. You can’t go wrong here! They make great baby gift presents, birthday presents and anytime presents. They work great for kids who would like to dress up their dance clothes, babies who are learning to crawl and just plain protect your childs legs from the sun and cold and wind. Get some now!

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