Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWow! It’s been several days since I have posted. I usually have been good about posting but with school having gotten back in I’ve been pretty busy. Last week was just slammed with so many things to do. I had planned on taking Livy to the Spray and Play park over the weekend but it was just so hot and muggy out that I decided not to. We stayed home on Saturday and didn’t go anywhere. On Friday after getting off work, I had planned on coming home and cooking dinner but that didn’t happen either. I got home and both Terry and I looked at each other and said let’s go out to eat. I had a nice London Broil sitting at home wanting to be cooked but it would have to wait until Saturday night. We decided on going to Ryan’s which is not by far our favorite but it was the only restaurant we could both decide on. We also went to Target to get some dog food because Zeus didn’t have much.

Sunday morning while Livy and I waited for Terry to get up we went outside and played a while. She wanted to play with her Dora Bike that she got for her birthday and so I took it out of the shed and let her play for a little bit. We also fed Zeus and gave him some fresh water. Then we went back inside and got Terry up and dressed and went to his parents house for Sunday Lunch. After lunch I took a nap and so did Terry (although he got to sleep in) and then we went on home. We did have to stop by Wal-Mart so that I could go get some pencils and also some more Rice Milk since that’s were its sold around here. I was out on Friday night and really wanted some Saturday but didn’t feel like heading into town. Oh yeah, Livy’s babylegs came Saturday and well as you know she had to try them on. She loves them. I’m going to make her a couple probably with in the next couple of days. Yesterday I tried to make a pouch just like a Hotsling but it didn’t work out with the sizing. It was way too small. I would try to make another one but I paid almost $13 for 2 yds of fabric and it was too small so I’m probably not going to try again. I might just purchase one instead. I don’t know yet? Just depends on how I feel. I really wanted to have one for this weekend. I might head over to Wal-Mart today because I promised one of my good friends that I would make her a purse and haven’t gotten started on it. I’ll see her on Monday while I’m in Maryland. 🙂 Above is a picture of Olivia and her dora bike and her babylegs. Enjoy it!

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