It’s been a couple of days since I have last posted anything but this past weekend has been quite interesting. On Friday, Terry, Livy and I went to Raleigh for the afternoon. We went to Lawman’s to get some new hats for Enfield P.D. , then went to Sams Club for a few items we really needed, and then made our way over to Capital Blvd to Babies ‘R Us to look at a few things for Livy and also for a gift for my cousin’s new baby, Cole. While we were there we got a Piddle Pad for her carseat and also for her stroller (when we use it) just in case of an accident on the way to places especially during the potty training times. We have also mastered the over night training. She is now a master at it and I am so loving it. I am going to have to wait until my next check but then we will go allow her to pick out a nice toy for her to use. We might even invest in a swing set instead since she loves swinging and playing on all the slides. Just depends. We also went to Crabtree Valley Mall and bought new tennis shoes for Livy. We ended up going to Stride Rite and getting the buy one get a second pair 1/2 off. You can’t beat that either. Terry didn’t find any shoes that he liked but that’s ok. We can check here at our mall too. For dinner we ate at Fuddrucker’s (mmm…one of my favorite places to eat at in Raleigh) since we don’t have one here close by.

Saturday both Livy and I slept in some and then got up and went to the Library. We had a good time there and she got several new books for us to read and also got a DVD and 2 CD’s (Dora the Explorer and Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Greatest Hits. I got a new book by Brooke Shields called “Down came the Rain” and so far it’s very good. I might even finish up this book a little quicker than I finished up “For Laci” and will have to get a book by Nicholas Sparks. I don’t know what yet but I have a couple of weeks to think about it. Then after we went to the library we were going to Sunset park to play when there were nothing but thugs there. We didn’t feel safe there so we went to Sonic for Lunch and to Play on their equipment. I wanted nothing but a free day but that didn’t happen. Maybe we can go to Swift Creek Elementary today instead. Well when it came time to go play after lunch they shut off all the equipment because of a birthday party. Livy was tired anyways so we went to Lowes Food and did some shopping and then came on home. Livy laid down for a nap and when she woke up she was laying on the floor balled up in fetal position crying. She was shaking too and when I picked her up she was burning up. She obviously had a pretty high fever and was then getting sick all over her bed and pillows. Nothing to worry about, I had gone through this before and went ahead and got the bath water running. I also took her temp and it was 104.8 (not adding a degree) so she was a sick puppy. She didn’t want anything to eat or drink. She didn’t even want to read a book which normally helped out with her being comforted. She just wanted to lay down and go back to sleep. I luckily had some FeverAll Sepositories and used one on her to help bring the fever down along with the luke warm bath. She was sick all evening and so we sat down and watched her dvd she got from the library. She ended up falling asleep on the couch curled up with her blankies and dangles.

Yesterday we went to Tarboro for lunch and again all Livy ate was club crackers. She didn’t even want Chicken. Well nothing really happened yesterday because it was just a nice day to take a nap. Also another thing that we noticed that Livy was really sick was the fact that she wanted her Binky which she never liked but it was helping with her “tummy”. I’m glad I had a least one she could use instead of going to purchase a new one. We came home and she really didn’t eat dinner because she said her tummy hurt and she went on to bed without any dinner. I tried to give her some chicken noodle soup but she didn’t want it. She still had a minor fever last night and also had a blowout and so we had to go change it when Terry got home. She woke up this morning feeling much better!! I’m so glad.

This morning I went and registered for school and am taking Medical legal Issues online and have already gotten the book. I’m so excited because after this class I will only have 2 more classes until I am finished with my Certificate with Medical Billing and Coding. YES!!! I might even take next sememster like a Business Law class or something like that. Just depends on where I am standing finanically and mentally. But I will be so happy when I do finish up. That means that I might even be able to start my own Medical Recruiting business. Don’t know yet? Just thinking Ahead for the future.

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