Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYesterday we didn’t do much. I went to work, not really feeling like doing much of anything and didn’t really. I went to bed the night before with a terrible belly ache (we think it was from what we had for dinner) and then woke up with that same belly ache. It felt weird and I can’t describe it but it’s much better now. Anyways, last night for dinner we had Sloppy Joe’s (mmm…one of Livy’s favorite foods to eat now) and we had some corn chips. I should’ve had fruit along with the meal but just didn’t feel like doing much more. Then Livy went to bed and so did I not long after. We had gotten up bright and early that morning so we went to bed early!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis morning I got up around 3am because I just couldn’t sleep and the fact that Livy was calling me to go potty. She had to go and went around 3:30am and then wanted more juice (which is really water). She has to have something in her sippy cup in order to go back to bed. This morning it was around 7am that I finally dozed back off to sleep and then was awake at 8am. I felt like I didn’t get much sleep at all but it was alright. I rested while she took her afternoon nap. This morning she also did something that was so AWESOME! She went stinky in the big girl potty for the first time!!! Yes! Go Livy! We all couldn’t be any happier because that means we’re one step closer to being fully potty trained. We are going to pick out some cool prizes since she is really showing us she wants to be out of her diapers and pull-ups. She will also get a Little Tyke’s Kitchen as well for being such a big girl (since she loves to pretend cooking). She also took a really good nap today as well and I got some much needed rest.

This afternoon we went into town and went to Lowes Food for a couple items for dinner and the house. We needed some milk and some cereal and also just some normal things we had run out of like chicken nuggets for Livy. Well then we came home and Terry helped me get the things in before he left for work. He’s working again another weekend of 7pm-7am and boy it’s been rough on Livy and I the past couple of months. But I know things will be back to normal soon (I hope). We made Baked Italian Chicken tonight for dinner and it was really good. I also had some fruit cocktail as well with it. I put Livy down for her bedtime which she didn’t want to go at all but she had to. I was so very tired and needed a break from her.

Tomorrow we are going to Tarboro for lunch again and then maybe to see Mom & Dad if their back from Nashville, TN (it’s funny too because they live in Nashville, NC). Anyways, just thought I would share that with you.

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