It’s Tuesday!!!

It’s been a busy week so far! Yesterday I worked hard all day and didn’t get much accomplished but what’s new. Then it just seemed like it went by so quickly.

Sunday we went to my in-laws in Tarboro and took our Banana Cream Pie that Livy and I made. It was quite a busy weekend for us. Livy has also learned how to do flips off the couch (I sure didn’t teach her that) and also how to do somersaults. She is definately going to either be a dancer or a gymnist. That’s fine by me. She also was just too cute in her little outfit she picked out on Sunday. She used the potty all day and I am so proud of her. She did have an accident while we were at my grand-parents house because she was laughing so hard. Oh well, we all have little accidents like that at times. And then she had one when she was taking a nap. We’ll get there though. Well Sunday night she and I cooked dinner for Terry. We made Pancakes, Turkey Bacon and Eggs. They were all so good. Dinner was ready for Terry when he got home from work. He was very proud of me when he got home and surprised that I had it waiting for him.

Yesterday we got home and Livy had another accident on the way home but we got halfway home and she told me she had to pee-pee but I didn’t have anywhere to pull over. I asked if she could hold it and she said “uh oh” and I told her it was ok. Last night I really didn’t feel much like cooking so we had leftovers and Livy had chicken nuggets. Her favorite besides Pizza. Well I took some Tylenol PM because my foot was hurting me from the Rocking Chair breaking on me. Terry and I sat down together last night and watched one our favorite shows on PBS Channel, Antique Road Show. We both love to look at all the cool things people bring and what they are worth. One day I might take something on there.

Today is going pretty good. I want to get into Livy’s room tonight and clean it up and maybe move her toddler bed around to another spot. She is right up against the wall and I want to put it some where else. Just have to let her decide on that though. She will be getting a big girl bed when she is fully potty trained because then she will not be a toddler anymore but a big girl. It’s something I think will help her out. She really wants Princess Bed Sheets for her bed and I told her if she potty trains then she will get a big girl bed and the sheets for it. My parents have an extra bed frame we can have since it was mine and my sisters when we were younger so it’s something we can pass down. My brother has the one that was my sister’s and mine is upstairs in the backroom. Tonight I am planning on either having spaghetti or homemade pizza. It’s something to think about when we head to the store. Plus I am getting more things to make another Banana Cream Pie tonight and I might do something different to it. I might even make one for my parents too. Well I am going to go for now…have to do some work today. I might update later on when I have a chance.

Here are some more photo’s of Livy from this past weekend!

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