Today has been a very productive day. Although we could have slept in we didn’t because Livy was up at 7am this morning banging on her door telling me to come here. I thought something was the matter but all she wanted to do was go play at her table in the living room. So that’s how my day really started. Terry had to work day shift today and tomorrow so we didn’t really get to spend any time together today. Oh well, there will be Monday and tomorrow evening. Today we walked around the yard just admiring it and we also have been taking a nice long (much needed nap). We were going to go into town but she was sleepy so we went back home.

Today we also did several things together. We had made plans to go to the local park in Whitakers or in Rocky Mount but we decided not too. It was the perfect day to do it but it looked like it was going to rain too so we stayed close to home just in case. We colored some today, finger painted and also cooked together. We made a Banana Cream Pie for tomorrow’s dessert, made Blueberry Muffins just for anytime really and we also cooked dinner. Tonight we had Hotdogs on the grill, chips and a salad. The perfect outdoor meal. We will have to get us a table to go outside so that we can enjoy eating outside too.

Livy also decided it was a good evening to take a dip in her pool. I was going to clean it out her pool and allow her to get in it but just didn’t have enough time in the day. It’ll be alright though. I took several pictures from today and will post them when I get a full chance to of them all but I am including just a couple today. Today was the Babywearing Bonanza in NYC and our friends Amy and Abby went to it. They are planning on having a Babywearing Conference hopefully next August and we just might have to take a trip up to NYC to see them and go to that. Yes! A big trip like that is going to be fun! I want to take Livy to the Zoo and Aquarium up there plus go to a couple Art Museums as well since she love to color and be creative. Plus I haven’t been to one in quite some time and would enjoy it again.

Tomorrow I am heading to my in-laws house for our normal Sunday lunch and then also going to go over to Mom & Dad’s house to see my parents and my grand-parents. They haven’t seen Livy in a while and thought it would be nice for them to see her. Every time we had made plans to go over there she was either in a bad mood or was sick. But this summer she has been pretty good about not being sick! Yes, maybe it was just a phase she was going through. Well tomorrow night I am planning on cooking a Breakfast dinner since we have some Turkey Bacon in the freezer, pancake mix and also eggs. Mmm…this is gonna be good!

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