Today I was remembering the day that I went into labor with Olivia as if it was just yesterday. It was Sunday, April 25th and I remember taking a Nap that afternoon only to wake up realizing that my water was leaking. I was so excited yet scare all at the same time. Olivia was due on April 26th so it wasn’t too bad for my water to start leaking the day before. Everyone had told me to expect it to gush but it was more of a small trickle and it felt like I was peeing myself but I wasn’t. I called the doctor on duty and they told me to come to the labor & delivery section of Nash General Hospital. Dr. Brantley was on duty which I was so happy of too. I checked into the ER and they took me right on up to Floor 2 where the Nursery and all was on. The nurse checked me in and checked to see if I had dialated any and to also see if there was really any fluid coming out. She said it might be a small leak but to wait in the room for Dr. Brantley to come check me out.

I only waited for a couple minutes when he came in and said that he was going to induce me in the morning. I really had a rough 2nd part of the pregnancy and well he knew I was so ready to have Olivia. Terry and my mom were both there when he told me that and I can remember Terry calling into work telling them that he wouldn’t be in at work that night because I was being induced in the morning. We all thought that she would be here already since I had began to go into premature labor in February 2004 but she wanted to hold on until her due date.

The nurse gave me some Ambien to help me get some sleep but that was so hard to do because I wanted to stay up and see if I would go into labor on my own. Yeah right. She had her own plans. At 5:30am the nurse came in to check me again and to see if I was leaking anymore and told me that yes indeed the water was still leaking but it wasn’t really going to matter because they were inducing me in a couple of hours.

At 7:00am, Mom was sitting in the room with me just waiting for Dr. Brantley to make his debut in the room. I was already hooked up to an IV which they put in the night before with some saline solution already. They already knew how much time it took to give me an IV so they did it early instead. At 7:45am Dr. Brantley broke my water and that was the real sign I was in labor. I really felt a strong contraction and they hadn’t even started the pictocoin. At that point they decided to move me into the very first delivery room and started the medicines to really get the party started. Terry had arrived around 8:30am and well he was nervous because that day he was going to become a daddy. It was really nerve racking to have him there but I am so happy he was.

I remember them giving me Statall which made me very sleepy and then I remember them telling me that when the pain got to unbearable that I could have an epidural. Thank God for that medicine because even though I didn’t sleep most of the night I was so happy I could have some relief from the pain. It was truely amazing how strong they could get in a couple minutes or hours. My mother in law got to the hospital and was there during the delivery of Olivia. We were really only allowed to have 2 people there in the room with me but she got to stay too. Mom was my coach and so was Terry (even though I don’t remember him really helping out.)

At 12:10pm it was time to push! I couldn’t believe how fast my labor went and at 12:55pm, Olivia Renee Greene entered the world! It was truely amazing too! She was 7lbs 7oz, 20 inches long was was just perfect. They didn’t place her on my belly because they wanted to make sure she was ok and they had to sew me up. I had torn pretty bad on the inside and well I had a lot of stitches to show for that. But our little miracle child was in our lives forever!!!

I remember trying forever to breastfeed with her but she just wouldn’t latch on and it was so disappointing too. For all the months and all the years I had wanted a child, I wanted to breastfeed but she had other complications. She was born healthy but just wouldn’t and couldn’t breastfeed. My hopes had been torn apart when she had stomach problems and also when she wouldn’t latch on.

I know with my next child I want to really push breastfeeding and I will make it possible. I will have to have surgery before I can have another one to have my tubes unclipped but that will not be too hard to do. I am really hoping that it can be within the next couple of years and if we have more than one I will be thrilled. Any child we have is truely a gift from GOD.

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